Infrared light and massage

Often the massage treatment starts with warming up with infrared lamp (I- lamp)

This applies heat directly to the skin and releases body muscles- this provides a more quality massage.

The heated muscles and tissue allow the body to relax.

Massage under I- lamp increases blood circulation, reduces stress and fatigue, increases concentration and natural processes in human body. All that combination will improve health.





Contraindications: (You should not use Infrared if you have the following conditions)



– Inflammatory illness which leads to decompensation of organs and systems

– Cancer

– Pregnancy

Deep Vein Thrombosis and varicose vein areas.


Analgesic effect:


– The thermal effect of I-lamp reduces the excitability of nerve endings

– Improvement of blood circulation

– The regression of oedema

– The chemical and mechanical stimulation of nerve endings

– The thermal effect of infrared rays and the improvement of pain threshold, all of which alleviate the role of pain


The deep penetrating warmth generated from I-lamp is commonly used in medical practice for pain relief.

The result is better blood circulation specifically targeted to the affected muscles.

The metabolism is also stimulated using the lamp and the body’s natural defence system is mobilised, this then helps to support and boost the healing process.


An additional benefit from the use of I- lamp is that it has a relaxing effect making it a preferred treatment for face and body care.

Recently infrared sauna became very popular at spa centres.




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