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Hi!  My name is Dessy and I am an experienced holistic therapist from Bulgaria.
“Top and toe” treatment includes Indian Head Massage and Reflexology on feet or Thai foot massage in one session .



First part is  Indian Head Massage when you are sitting on a chair and your feet are soaking in Spa Bath Massager with heat and aromatherapy.
The bath is with a bubble jet and motorised maize roller which makes gentle shiatsu massage on your feet.
The Indian Head Massage is performed with coconut oil on shoulders and neck and coconut conditioner on your hair.

Why use coconut oil? 

It helps increase hydration and reduces water loss in dry skin.
Massaging coconut oil and conditioner to your skin and hair will bring some moisture to an overlooked part of the body and head. Coconut oil has naturally anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, and                                                                                            moisturising properties, which help clean your skin.

Second part of the treatment is relaxing foot massage (Reflexology) with moisturizing foot cream.

Foot Reflexology:

Reflexology is an alternative treatment for a variety of conditions and has been in use for thousands of years. The ancient Chinese have documented practices similar to Reflexology as a treatment for certain afflictions.
It involves the reflexologist applying pressure to trigger points on feet that affect certain reflex areas of the body.

Here are some of the benefits:

1.Improved Nerve Function
2.Boosted Energy Levels
3.Increased Circulation
5.Elimination of Toxins
6.Reduction of Headaches
7.Easy Pregnancy

Studies have shown that Reflexology can be beneficial for pregnant women,  particularly in terms of labor lengths and their need for analgesics during labor and postpartum recovery time. Beyond that due to many of the health benefits already outlined above, it can reduce the chances of postpartum depression and can also help a woman’s body heal itself faster and get back to its normal metabolic activity quickly.

Why should you purchase “Top and Toe with Dessy?
Your foot takes large amounts of force impact during just one day;
Soaking your feet in a foot bath with rose aromatherapy is a effective way to help you unwind and helps your overworked feet relax.
Pain relief;
Some people with foot and joint pain stemming from arthritis find that this foot spa treatment helps relieve their discomfort.
Pamper yourself;
Integrating all the best features of acupressure, shiatsu, heat and hydrotherapy, all- in- one bath delivers massaging  bubbling bliss to your achy soles and toes.
This combo pack (3 treatments in one) is a way to face your daily activities with more revitalisation and calmness.


Book online now with Dessy(£50 for a one hour treatment) at:

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