Chris New Prices for all Services from 01.01.2022

Chris, of Meridian Massage & Bodywork, who works upstairs at the YOU Massage and Therapy Centre has provided us with the following announcement (copied from his site so as not to duplicate content) in regards to his pricing structure in 2022

Chris is an amazing, dedicated therapist and we support his price increase, we will endeavour to contact all of his clients between now and the New Year, when his prices will automatically be a base line of:

£55 + £2 PPE for all appointments

£65 + £2 PPE for New Client initial appointments

Should you require multiple treatments for a longer term treatment plan, we can offer block booking incentives for 6, 12 or 24 sessions, please enquire on a case by case basis

Please read the announcement below and let us know if you have any queries

Wishing all our clients a very prosperous 2022!

Excellent massage therapist southampton

Chris’s prestigious accreditations and awards

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