Meet Jimmie one of our Younity studio dedicated Yoga teacher, in Bedford place Southampton

Jimmie is qualified to teach vinyasa, hatha and yin yoga. He enjoys powerful, dynamic hatha flows, and emphasises careful sequencing with breath to create mindful, centred practices. Jimmie started to see the deeper benefits of yoga during lock down, reevaluating his life and connecting more deeply with what brings him joy. This precipitated big changes…

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How Yoga can help YOU manage chronic stress, muscle tension from it + feel grounded & safe

How Yoga can help YOU reconnect with your body and mind, and deal with chronic stress & muscle tension? – What science has to say. By Emilie, Manager & Yoga teacher at Younity studio – YOU Massage Passionate about physical exercise since my youth, I noticed how increasingly lighter and brighter I felt after each…

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Mental health group sessions with Roxy at You Massage & Therapy Studio

You might have noticed that since February, You Massage (we) have started hosting Mental Health groups ran by Mental Health Southampton, a project that aims to build a mental health-friendly community in Southampton by organizing in-person groups, discussing mental health-related themes and educating individuals on well-being tools. The groups are run by Roxy, a mental…

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Welcome, I’m Sarah, a yoga teacher based in Southampton. I’ve been practising yoga for about 5 years and teaching for a couple of months now. I’m so excited to be able to share my passion for all things yoga with the world through my teaching. I teach predominantly Yin Yoga, but I also run Vinyasa…

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Hatha Yoga for Pregnancy at YOU Massage, Southampton THIS TREATMENT MAY NOT BE AVAILABLE AT THE MOMENT PLEASE CALL TO INQUIRE 02380 639747

Pregnancy Yoga Classes in Southampton Tuesdays at 7:30pm at YOU Massage, Bedford Place, Southampton Book Online > Written for YOU Massage, by Kirsty Hawthorn, Midwife, yoga teacher and holistic therapist. Pregnancy is a time of deep change for women. As we undergo a transition to motherhood physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually this change has many…

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Pilates class in Southampton can help with good posture

Pilates for Posture

How Pilates can help you to achieve and maintain good posture With our Pilates Classes in Southampton Posture is something that most people take for granted, however the long term effects of poor posture can cause irreparable damage to your spine, pain throughout your body, poor breathing, and even digestive issues. Good posture enables the…

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