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Couple's Massage Southampton

Are you in looking for a Couple's Massage in Southampton? Our speciality couple's Packages are tailored for you and your loved one


An Indulgent, Caring, Heart Felt, Deeply Relaxing Couple's Massage Southampton

Everyone deserves to be Pampered every now and then, and our Couple's Package is the perfect way for you to share that moment with your partner, family member or friend.

Starting with a tailored, head, neck and shoulder massage to help your minds to connect and bodies to let go, complemented by a Holistic Foot Ritual with Tailored Aromatherapy, completed with the perfect Back Massage, relaxing, or deep, just the way you like it. The most serene way to spend an hour together

Tailored to your unqiue needs, we carry out consultation followed by a combination of techniques and bespoke products to thoroughly spoil you from top to toe. Holistic therapists will assure tailored technqiues for ultimate mind, body and spirit relaxation.

Gift Vouchers are also available.


Benefits of a Couple's Massage

It's hard to pin point every single benefit you will feel when you take the time to indulge with your partner or loved one, but you can be assured that they will be plentiful!
Taking time away from your lives, means that you will allow yourself time to process, heal and recover from the daily stresses and strains.
Your skin will glow after gentle, natural products are allowed to penetrate and nourish.
Your heart will feel eased having taken the time to slow down and take a break.
You will likely feel liberated having let your mind be free to file away any feelings of urgency, allowing yourself to be mindful in the moment of indulgence.
Your body will ease away tension and stresses as it sinks into the relaxing journey, with the therapist's expert hands to find any stubborn spots, your circulation will replensih and detox your tissues, allowing a deep general relaxation.
You will feel healthier, more connected and better equipped to face the world together.



During Consultation, skin type will be discussed to ensure the most suitable products are used. Your health history will aso be taken into account.

Our Couple's package is carried out in the same room, please assure you request our couple's package on booking. Your therapists will be set up with two tables next to one another (one of you will pick the bigger table!) and you will each be invited to make yourselves perfectly comfortable. The reason we offer a head, feet and back package is because the tables are quite close, so full body is not appropriate. You can request that your therapist spends longer on your favourite area, otherwise, they weill split the hour 3 ways between head, feet and back.

If you have a little extra time, extend your treatment to a 90 or 120 minute packages to include longer facials, massages and Body Rituals? Call 02380 639747 to compose your perfect package.


Please note, a consultation is required on your first visit for any treatment; necessary to get a good understanding of you and tailor the treatment around your needs.

Please allow an extra 15 minutes and £7.50 each during your first visit.

Consultation Info (including how to get yours free) >

Add any of our Tranquility Facials or Body Rituals for the ultimate therapy package!
(Vouchers available)
Indulgent Packages Packages
First Visit Price:
(includes consultation)
£57.50 (each)
£115 (both)
Treatment Price: £50 (each)
£100 (both)
With Concession *:
(consultation £6 extra *)
£46 (each)
£92 (both)


Add an Organic Mini Facial: 15min £10 or build your own holistic package >

* See you you qualify for a YMT Concession >

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YOU Massage Southampton Couple's Massage Packages

The perfect package to spend together, top to toe bliss in the same room, inclusive of Aromatherapy, table warmers, candles, deeply relaxing music and slow therapies to thoroughly pamper you both from head, neck and shoulders to toes and legs.

If you have a little extra time, you may wish to consider designing your own perfect Indulgence Packages (please note we cannot perform all treatments in the same room)

Our Journey of Indulgence is our signature 'Top to Toe' treatment package, upgrading to a Full Body Holisitc Massage, with the facial and foot treatment. Or, add longer in your favourite element instead. * Not available in the same room More on our 90 minute package >

For Ultimate Bliss, may we recommend our 2 hour treatment package, previously known as 'the Detox Deluxe', this package encourages you to indulge in a longer facial, full body massage and foor treatment, slow, indulgent and perfecton. * Not available in the same room More on our 2 hour luxury package >

Please read our Cancellation Policy prior to committing to an Appointment.

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