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Hot Stones Massage Southampton

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A Soothing, Deep Tension Relieving, Comforting, Indulgent Hot Stones Massage Southampton

YOU Massage Therapy offers a Hot Stones Massage in our Southampton Massage studio. A thermal treatment to ease tired tense muscles using smooth basalt volcanic stones placed and used to massage.

If you’ve never tried it, we highly recommend you sample the healing power of the stones! Let us convert you to this alternative, Healing, Luxurious Treatment.

Heat will relax and comfort you whilst penetrating Deep Muscular Tension! Essential Oils are included for added relaxation and to assist in the dispersal of toxins. A Unique and Wonderful Experience, Indulgent & Effective. Book Now!


Benefits of Hot Stones Massage

Hot Stones Massage give a deeply relaxing and effective massage to aid de-stressing, easing out built-up tension, aches and pains. It is said that the stones penetrate 6 x deeper into the muscle than regular massage! Essential Oils are combined with this treatment for additional benefit, Aromatherapy can deeply relax the mind and the body, the perfect combination for an effective, highly indulgent Massage.

Some of the Benefits of Hot Stones Massage, include:
- Encouraging Deep Relaxtion
- Improving Circulation throughout the body, delivering nutrients to muscles and aiding toxin release
- Balances the nervous system and neural efficiency
- Releases trapped muscular energy and tension
- Draws attention to areas that need healing.
A Hot Stones Massage experience and it's benefits are always uniquely tailored for you on that day.


When Hot Stones Massage is not advised

We would not perform Hot Stones Massage over Damaged Skin, Bruises or Scar Tissue; it's also not recommended if you have recent Heart Surgery.

It is rare that gentle massage can upset the balance of the body more so than day to day life, however, there are some conditions where massage would not be appropriate and expert medical attention will be advised. Click here if you are suffering with a medical problem for guidance.

As Aromatherapy is always freshly blended and tailored to your specific needs, as well as selecting the best oils to treat any ailments, we will also AVOID the use of certain oils which have a history of sometimes worstening certain problems. Click here to read more about Aromatherapy Cautions.


If this is your first visit to the YOU Massage studio, you will be guided through a new client consultation, so we have your health and well-being history for therapist reference. You will be asked about areas of pain and discomfort and the history of such, this will assure the therapist is working to your needs.

The Hot Stones Massage treatment we offer in our Southampton Massage studio is instantly warming and soothing. If you often feel cold or have poor circulation, the Hot Stones are a wonderful way of relaxing the muscles and helping you sink into deep comfort to forget your stresses.

The Basalt Stones are rich in iron so retain the heat for a long time; they are also soft and smooth naturally because years of erosion, giving them the perfect texture and composition for a silky and comforting pressure. When combined with the Essential Oils, the Hot Stones glide smoothly along the skin, or the Therapist may place the Stones on areas of the body where tension is present or to re-balance the body’s natural energies.


Due to additional cleaning and costs and reduced availability for business, our pricing structure has changed slightly as of 20th July 2020. All massage treatments are now priced at the flat rate of £40 + £2 for PPE and are only available in 45minute blocks so we can stagger all appointments effectively.

New client consultation forms will be emailed to you and we require form completion and pre-payment and a pre-screening form prior to any appointments being confirmed.

We will no longer be offering any concession priced treatments. Sorry for any disruption this may cause.

We are allowing extra time for cleaning, but please be aware, treatment time may need to be reduced by approx 5 minutes as therapists adjust to the new protocal

Osteopathy, Physiotherapy and Acupuncture are available at £45 for 45 minutes, plus £2 for PPE.

We will not be offering any treatments outside of these services, no facials, hot stones, or other treatments that require equipment. We hope to be able to offer these in the future. Aromatherapy is offered at the therapist's discretion.

All therapists will wear mandatory PPE, and clients are asked to wear a mask, loose, clean clothing, and be prepared to follow all guidance provided by our caring team as we all adapt to the new, safe setup.
All treatments will be expertly tailored for your needs within safe parametres.

Thank you for your understanding and support.

This treatment is not available at the moment, we suggest you book Holistic Massage

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YOU Massage Southampton Hot Stones Massage

Type "Southampton Hot Stones Massage" into a search engine; you will quickly see exactly how many people offer Hot Stones Massage in Southampton. But our Hot Stones Massage is exceptional, with remedial and spa trained therapists, to assure your Hot Stones Massage is perfectly tailored, leaving you feeling free of deep tension and comforted from stress, inclusive of tailored aromatherapy, bliss.

The YOU Massage Therapy Southampton Massage studio is both relaxing, secluded and centrally located in Bedford Place, Southampton, Hampshire. A professional environment, newly redecorated in calming, natural colours, you'll feel at ease as soon as you arrive, with the aromas of essential oils and music you will like waiting to welcome you, a truly unique experience.

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