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Hypnotherapy Southampton

Are you in need of a Hypnotherapy in Southampton? YOU Massage Therapy have a wonderful in house Hypnotherapist.


Targeted, Nurturing, Effective, Rejuvinating Hypnotherapy in Southampton

So, you are considering Hypnotherapy? Our Southampton Hypnotherapy is caring and comprehensive and available all day Sundays.

We are proud to offer this service as part of our extensive, holistc healthcare, as it can be incredibly effective at managing damaging habits.

Whether you are in need of radical self change to treat anger, depression, anxiety, weight issues, phobias, poor sleep or chronic pain, or, you would like to explore the potential of stress management, reducing dependency, more confidence or past life regression, or, to learn Self Hypnosis, or, join a small group session focussing on relaxation and letting go, we would love to introduce you to our Hypnotherapist, available Sundays.


Most of us lead busy, even at times chaotic, lives. We rush from one thing to another and always seem to have one eye on the time, our minds feeling overworked and strained. We all need and deserve a little Me Time , to slow down for a while, to simply relax or even to resolve issues that have been intruding on our minds.

Hypnotherapy can help you with:
- Anger Issues
- Anxiety
- Childbirth
- Claustrophobia
- Confidence/Self esteem
- Driving test Nerves
- Exam Nerves
- Fears/phobias
- Health/Wellbeing
- Menopause
- Pain relief/Management
- P . M . T
- Sleep Issues
- Stop Smoking
- Stress
- Weight Loss


Also offered:

- Past Life Regression
- Relaxation
- Self-Hypnosis

One session – Between 45 & 90 min

Our Southampton Hypnotherapist's approach is very client centered, priding herself on a friendly, empathetic and caring practice, helping people make significant, positive changes in their lives and to achieve their goals.
Read more about our Southampton Hypnotherapist >
You have the choice of booking a one on one consult (recommended) or joining a Group Session on Sunday afternoons:

Group Sessions are focused therapeutic, pleasurable, relaxing and empowering hypnotherapy where you will be guided gradually, gently and safely into a very pleasurable, relaxed and safe state called hypnosis within a small group of people in a safe and peaceful environment.
The session lasts about 45 minutes and is a very good taster/introduction to hypnotherapy. Or maybe you’ve experienced hypnosis before, in which case you will probably be aware of the very relaxing, calming and therapeutic effect it has on your mind and body.
Read more about our Group Hypnotheapy Sessions >

One on One sessions are encouraged for deeper personal guidance:

For longer term, larger issues, such as anxiety, depression, weight management and such, a course of treatments, 1 week apart, for 4-5 sessions is usually advised.
Read more about Hypnotherapy for Weight Issues >

For targeted release from the grips of smoking, only one amazing session is needed.
Read more about Hypnotherapy for Smoking cessation >

We also offer a monthly Comfortable Childbirth Class, where only one session is required, normally advised in the final trimester.
Read more on Hypnotherapy for Comfortable Childbirth >

Whatever your reasons, our Hypnotherapist will work with you, you will be comfortable throughout, and you will find the whole experience deeply relaxing and nurturing. When was the last time you took some time out to be still with your thoughts and develop positive strength in them?

Hypnotherapy Individual Session 45 - 90 minutes
Treatment Price: £50.00
With Concession *:
Course of 4 Sessions :
(includes consultation)
(Save £40!)

* See you you qualify for a YMT Concession >



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Stop Smoking Hypnotherapy Southampton price: £100
(One session 60 - 90 minutes + free take home recordings)

Group Hypnotherapy 45 minutes on Sunday lunch times
Class Price £25
With Concession *:
Course of 4 Sessions :
(Save £20)


Call on 02380 639 747 or Book Online

YOU Massage Southampton Hypnosis

Looking for "Hypnosis in Southampton" in a search engine like Google will inform you as to how many therapists offer Hypnosis in Southampton. We just adore our Hypnotherapist, as she is caring, kind and compassionate, and deeply passionate about the treatments she offers.


Hypnotherapy is available in effective single consults, courses and group sessions at YOU Massage, Southampton. (Book Online today)

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