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Are you in looking for Holistic Beauty Therapist in Southampton? Get perfect lashes and brows at our Beauty Hub


Relaxing, Natural Looking, Perfect Lash Tint and Brow Tint and Brow Shape in Southampton

Step into our Holistic Health Centre and allow yourself to be perfectly pampered as you have your Beauty Therapy needs taken care of. Our Holistic Beauty Therapist is a perfectionist with many years experience.

Free Aromatherapy, Heated Blanket and Head Massage with every treatment!

Book in for a Eyelash Tint, Eyebrow Tint and shape, or both as part of our great package deals.


Tinting saves so much time. No need to apply makeup every day, or worry about clumps in your eyelashes, plus you can swim without looking like a panda when you get out of the pool! It’s also ideal if you are going on holiday, to a wedding, a party. You will NEVER leave unhappy or with an unnatural look, our expert therapist will make sure of that! Book Now!


Benefits of eyelash tinting:
• No need for mascara
• Enhances the lashes, creating a fuller, darker, longer, thicker look.
• Great for an active lifestyle
• More cost-efficient than mascara

Benefits of eyebrow tinting:
• Enhances brows, making them look fuller, and more defined.
• Frames and lifts the face. Makes the eyes look brighter.
• Gives a beautifully natural look as tinting enhances what is there already.
• Great for special occasions.
• No need for brow make-up.
• Amazing when combined with a brow shape/tidy.




Please keep us informed on any allergies and medical changes.

PLEASE NOTE A PATCH TEST IS REQUIRED AT LEAST 24 HOURS PRIOR TO A TINT. Contact Us to book now - otherwise if you book online, you will be invited for patch test at least prior to your appointment.

During a brief Consultation, skin type will be discussed to ensure the most suitable products are used. Your health history will aso be taken into account.

Tinting at the YOU Massage & Therapy Centre is done with the greatest efficiency, and carried out with an expert lash and brow Therapist, who takes great pride in her work, and has many years of experience in this industry.
After a consultation to assess your desired look, the tint shade will be chosen according to your skin tone, and hair colour. You will NEVER leave with unnatural looking lashes or brows. The tint will only be left on for a short time, and then removed so that you can take a look, and if you want more depth, then we will re-apply until your desired look is achieved. This technique guarantees natural result, and one that you will be delighted with.

Eyelash tinting is the process of where a dye, specifically created for the lashes, is applied, and left on for around 10 minutes to create instant luscious, dark lashes without the need for mascara! The effect lasts around 4 weeks, though this can vary from person to person. The tint stays perfect until your lashes shed naturally.


Eyebrow tinting uses a special tint formulated for the eyebrows to create an enhanced, natural look. Tinting the eyebrows is ideal if you want to hide any greys, or enhance wispy, light brow hairs. It’s also a great way to tone any red in brows if this is your wish, or give some depth to light brows.
Eyebrow hairs have a shorter life growth cycle than the lashes, therefore brow tint generally fades more quickly. The brow tint will generally last around 3-4 weeks, but this can vary from person to person- depending on lifestyle. Moisturizing the brows in between treatments can help with the longevity of the tint.
Clients generally combine their lash and brow tint once a month.


**PATCH test required 24 hours before treatment** £0
Eyelash tint - £12
Eyebrow tint - £8
Eyelash & brow tint - £17
Eyebrow tint & wax - £13
Eyelash/brow tint & brow wax £25




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Our experienced Beauty Therapist invites you to indulge yourself on our table as your lashes and brows and taken care of. Tinting is an amazing way to maintain fuller lashes and brows without the need for makeup. Ideal for a holiday or party, or, visit us once a month for the most relaxing and cost effective way to beautiful lashes and brows.

Free Aromatherapy, Heated Blanket and Head Massage with every treatment!

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