Natural Facials

We offer a range of Facials, with Eastern influences and Organic Products, receive a divine ‘Natural Face Lift’ from one of our experts

YOU Massage Therapy offer Natural, Bespoke, Facials with Face Lift Massage in Southampton

Mini Organic Facials, using a delicious range of Rose or Lavendar products make the perfect addition to your Treatments (find them in ‘Fresh New YOU Add – ons’ under online booking – Get yours for FREE by completing our survey today >)

Or book in for one of our Indulgent Packages that all include a Mini Facial:

The Serenity Hour

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If you are seeking a Natural Facial Therapy, we have 4 amazing Facials for you to choose from:

Natural Facelift Ayurvedic Massage

Gua Sha Facial &/or Body Gua Sha

Facial Reflexology

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All of our Natural Facials will plump and refresh your complexion, boosting radiance, circulation and deep feelings of relaxation

Facial Contraindications

If you have a severe skin condition, broken skin, or hyper sensitivity, we recomend you call us before booking your facial
It is uncommon, especially with our divine organic products, but it is possible you may experience a reaction to our facials


Natural Facelift with Ayurvedic Massage

This anti-aging massage combines deeply therapeutic Indian Head Massage and metamorphic healing Ayurveda techniques, working on Marma points of the head and neck to promote good blood flow. Combined with a deeply soothing Indian Head Massage. Calming strokes around the face and neck detoxify and clear the lymphatic system, reducing any puffiness. The specific facial massage soothes, energizes and boosts the facial muscles, using rejuvenating oils to stimulate the skin into producing extra collagen to restore elasticity and moisture to the skin, resulting in a face and neck that looks lifted and plumped.

Gua Sha Facial

Gua sha massage is traditional Chinese massage using smooth edged stones to stroke and press over lubricated skin for anti ageing, lifting and nourishing properties. This divine Face, neck and scalp treatment works by creating friction to help build internal heat, clear stagnation and tension, promoting detoxification and healthy skin! Not suitable for broken skin.

Japanese Face-Lift Massage

Looking younger is not the only benefit that Japanese facial massage can provide. It can also aid with fighting all stress related issues, insomnia, digestion, headaches, migraines and anxiety, it can improve the vision. The treatment is very effective and you can feel and see the results immediately after having it. It is known as the natural “facelift without surgery”. This is the beauty treatment with the positive side effects for the whole body and mind. Both men and women of all ages can benefit from this facial massage which is performed on the head, face, neck and upper chest. .

Facial Reflexology

The face’s proximity to the brain and cranial nerves makes Facial Reflexology exceptionally powerful giving really DEEP, DEEP relaxation effect. On the face there are maps of the whole body, internal organs, glands, skeletal structures and once stimulated with strong healing intention may give magic effects. It helps relieves mental strain, sinusitis/congestion; has a direct rejuvenating effect of the skin and leaves the face toned, glowing and radiant, improving the face’s shape; may relieve symptoms caused by neurological or nervous system disorder; improves slipping pattern; helps with Infertility; brings about a general feeling of calmness and relaxation.


Natural Facial Prices;

£1 per minute + 10% for Specialist Products

Natural Face Lift with Ayurvedic Massage

£66 for 60 mins

(1st Session £77 for 75 minute Consultation)

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Gua Sha Facial

£49.50 for 45 mins

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Signature Organic Mini Facial

£15 for 15 mins

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Natural Organic Facials in Southampton

We’d like to introduce to you, the Holistic Way to combat the signs of ageing and boost, not just radiance, but the health and vitality of your skin, mood, and well-being with this amazing new Facial treatment, combining modern and traditional techniques with deeply relaxing massage

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