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Neuromuscular Massage in Southampton

If you are looking for Neuromuscular Massage  in Southampton, YOU Massage Therapy can help.

YOU Massage Therapy offers Neuromuscular Massage as part of our Deep Tissue (Remedial) Massage in our Southampton Massage studio. Neuromuscular Therapy is method that is integrated into Massage if you are suffering from acute muscle tension, knots or very hard, tight mucles.

This is performed in order to treat and help in the prevention of soft tissue injuries and chronic pain.

The Treatment

The muscles are kneaded and worked with firm hands during the massage until the surface tension (often this feels ‘crunchy’ or ‘creaky’ when pushed). At the point the tension has been dispersed, applied with increasing amounts of pressure to the muscle area as it is penetrated deeper into and deep muscular knots are dispersed.


Neuromuscular Therapy

The Neuromuscular Therapy we provide at my Massage studiio in Southamptoninvolves using the  fingers, knuckles, wrists or elbow to Massage the areas affected; This is done to disperse the toxins and drain them toward the lymph nodes where they will be broken down.

Throughout the Neuromuscular treatment you will be asked for your input to help locate the ‘head’, or ‘trigger’, for the knots in your muscle tissue. These “knots” can be easily are identified as a hard lump in the muscle and can cause pain when pressed. Pressure is  gently and skillfully applied to these knots for up to a 60 seconds.

The Benefits

Many people today suffer with pain and tension, and it is often without even realising what the causes are. The knots in the muscle result from muscle fibres being jarred and forced to overlap one another, in this mated state they form a ‘knot’.

This can then make the surrounding muscle try and compensate or sit poorly which can cause a whole array of further damage to the muscles.

The Neuromuscular Technique we offer in Southampton allows instant relief and in many cases, permanent freedom from persistent aches and pains after several treatments.

The outcome of Neuromuscular Therapy is dramatic increase in pain-relief, sometimes this is experienced even when you have suffered years of pain and / or inability to use the muscles properly.

Click the link if you would like to read more about Neuromuscular Massage Therapy or here for further information More on Neuromuscular Technique

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