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Pregnancy Pilates & Pregnancy Yoga Southampton

YOU Massage Therapy offer expertly run Pre-Natal Pilates (known as Pregnancy Pilates), Post-Natal Pilates (New Mum Pilates) and Pregnancy Yoga (Hatha Yoga for Comfortable Labour) from our Bedford Place, Southampton Studio.

Honour your body, your practice, your health and well-being, your baby's health and the desire for a Comfortable Labour with our Pregnancy Classes; also, make friends, learn about your body, develop a spiritual or practical relationship with your body, it's your practice, and our awesome instructors can't wait to guide you along your journey.

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Depending on how far along you are, and whether or not you have had any complications will depend on the class we recommend. Generally speaking, for healthy women, Pregnancy Pilates is recommended from 8 weeks, all the way through the first and second trimester, to about week 32, when normally you would then transition to Pregnancy Yoga. If you are past 20 weeks, and not currently commited to any form of similar exercise, we recommend you go directly to a Yoga enrollment.
You are encouraged to join our Pregnancy Yoga class after the first trimester, from 12 weeks and any time up until birth, with optimum focus on preparing your body, and mind, for labour.

We also offer Comfortable Childbirth Hypnotherapy classes, once a month, as a one off addition for labour preparation, advised in the third trimester. Read more about Comfortable Labour Hypnosis >

Pregnancy Pilates

Running our Monday Pilates Classes, is Catherine, Antenatal Pilates is Pilates classes specifically designed for individuals during and after pregnancy. Both Pre- and Post-Natal Pilates follow the same concepts and principles of traditional Pilates, but include modified exercises to ensure they are safe and effective for expectant and new Mums. Antenatal Pilates strengthens the entire body, focusing on the core and pelvic floor, specifically for expectant and new Mums.
Pre-natal Pilates is a great way for pregnant women, having an uncomplicated pregnancy, to commence weeks 8 – 20; to stay in good shape throughout your pregnancy. Ir is not recommended to commence Pilates over half way through your pregnancy, if you commence prior to week 20, you can then continue until week 32. For ladies wishing to join a class after week 20, or for continuing with exercise from week 32 – birth, we recommend Pregnancy Yoga, which is designed to help the body prepare for birth.


Pregnancy Pilates Classes, available on Mondays:

2:45pm: Pre-Natal (Pregnancy Pilates)

4:00pm: Post-Natal Pilates (after birth)

Learn more about our Ante-natal Pilates Classes

Pregnancy Yoga

Pregnancy is a time of deep change for women. As we undergo a transition to motherhood physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually, this change has many faces. Looking after your body and listening to the changes will encourage you to slow down and address old habits. Yoga is a method, a technique which deepens this experience and connects you to your body’s innate wisdom. It’s a way of listening.

Birth needs to be an active time in a woman’s life. As a midwife, from 30 weeks onwards I discuss the importance of optimal positioning of baby for the delivery. To actively engage in your pregnancy is part of what we call ‘active birthing’, this is where the midwife and the woman take conscious participation in the pregnancy journey, preparing mentally and physically for labour.

Pregnancy Yoga Classes, available on Tuesdays:

7:30pm: Pregnancy Hatha Yoga

with midwife and Holistic therapist, Kirsty Hawthorn

Learn more about our Pregnancy Yoga Classes


New to YOU Massage Southampton Pregnancy Classes?

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Whether or not you have previously attended our Yoga or Pilates Classes, please complete a Pregnancy Class enrollment form which contains details about your Pregnancy, thank you

Already enrolled on a Pregnancy Class?

Then you are welcome to book onto classes at your leisure. Online is easiest, book a single or course of classes online, you are welcome to book as many as you like, with a minimum of 24 hours notice required for cancellations.


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Please note, we encourage all clients to book and pay in advance, otherwise our reception area gets very busy. You may Pay Online via paypal, or, please call 02380 639747. Your class is not confirmed until it is paid for, so if you wish to do so face to face, please pop in at your soonest conveneince, not directly before a class. Thanks!


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Our 4 week Pregnancy Pilates Courses are priced at:

  • £40 for a course of 4 classes
  • £12 per class casual (only when space is permitted - booking required)
  • Reward Card Holders SAVE 50p per class on these prices! £38 a course

Our 4 week Pregnancy Yoga Courses are priced at:

  • £38 for a course of 4 classes
  • £10 per class casual (only when space is permitted - booking required)
  • Reward Card Holders SAVE 50p per class on these prices! £36 a course

Our Monthly Comfortable Labour Hypnosis Classes are priced at:

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