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About YOU Massage Southampton

YOU Massage began in 2010 as a small team of massage therapists, keen to bridge the gap between relaxing and remedial treatments and provide effective, tailored massage that is affordable and accessible for all.


Fast forward a few years later and you will now find us a large team of practitioners, each wonderfully unique, exceptionally skilled and highly experienced in their field. Among the Holistic Therapists and Sport and Remedial experts, are Osteopaths, Acupuncturists, Pilates and Yoga Instructors, Nutritionists and a wide connection of specialists that spans locally.


We pride ourselves on quality and professionalism, from the moment you make contact with our hospitable team you can be assured you will be at ease and your every need catered for, we strive for excellence in every step of your journey to relaxation with us.you massage southampton amy and alice


Every treatment here is as unique as you are, tailored to perfection in an environment that is warm, cosy and beautifully comfortable. Each treatment room is equipped with a top of the range electric massage table, with a heated topper, fresh, soft towels, cushions, candles and dim lighting so you can sink in to your relaxation as soon as you arrive on our table.


Whether it's your first visit or your 100th, our therapists will take the time to learn how you are feeling today and how we can be of service. And whether or not you have had massage before, or many, we want to wow you with the best experience you can imagine.


With such a diverse but hugely talented team of therapists, you can be assured that YOU Massage is the first choice for a Southampton Massage.



massage studio bedford placeOur Mission Statement


“To be the first port of call for anyone seeking a Massage in Southampton, and to wow every customer with an excellent and professional experience”


Our Southampton Massage Studio


The YOU Massage Studio can be found in the charming Bedford Place in Southampton, Hampshire not only offers an accessible, central location, a warm, comfortable atmosphere and a sunny environment with a beautiful range of artwork sourced by local talent hanging on the walls, a huge library of music for you to drift off to, but exceptional quality and value, each experience completely tailored to you, so you will always feel you have got what you desired.

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You can Park your car for Free for 2 Hours in the roads behind Bedford Place. Plenty of time for any of Massage Treatment and even a cuppa afterwards in most cases! See Free Parking for a detailed map of these areas.


Massage Southampton

Extra large Massage table available

Massage Southampton

Professionally equipped and cared for

Massage Southampton

Clean, cosy and comfortable treatment rooms


We have four unique treatment rooms, each cosy and clean and professioanlly equipped, and a comfortable reception area, which is manned by exceptional staff who are ready to welcome you with a warm smile and a hot tea or cold water from 10:15am to 7:45pm Monday to Friday. Appointments, which are typically 60 - 75 minutes long, run between 9am – 9pm depending on the Therapists we have in our rooms on the day. We are also open both Saturday, 10am - 7.30pm, and Sunday, 10am - 5pm.


About the Therapists

The majority of the therapists who work at YOU Massage Southampton are self-employed Associates. Our core team of staff are on hand to book your appointments and guide you through the process. Any therapist who applies to work at YOU Massage is tested by our core team and they regularly gather for skill sharing workshops. Everyone is so lovely and has been brought in for a particular reason, whether it’s their many years of experience, their unique skillset or delightful manner, you can be assured whoever you book with you are in wonderful hands.


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About the Therapies we offer

There is a lot of info on this site and we offer over 30 treatments currently! The main question we get asked is what massage you should book, well, we offer 2 main types of massage therapy, Holistic Massage and Deep Tissue Massage. Holistic means ‘whole’ and therefore is designed around all of your core needs to balance body and mind, which combines the very best of that therapist’s skills for a treatment that is both relaxing and therapeutic, inclusive of aromatherapy, which is also picked out uniquely for you. Deep Tissue Massage is more focussed on releasing deep muscular tension, combining remedial massage with muscle relaxing techniques to deeply sooth and unwind.


Each other therapy can be viewed and read about via our treatment list, which is always growing and evolving, take a look at our extensive treatment list >


Everybody deserves to take a little time out for themselves to clear their mind, heal their body and sooth their spirit; Massage Therapy, applied with varying techniques from the skilled YOU Massage Therapists, can send some to sleep as well as encouraging the flow of energy and nourishment to tired areas, it can be stimulating and revitalising and release even the oldest of muscle knots (adhesions). It can encourage you to drift to that place in your mind where everything is safe and makes sense; worries are lost and the body will heal.


Please feel free to browse the YOU Massage Therapy, Southampton Massage website, or call us on 02380 639747 or email, pop down any time or please pass over details to anybody who you think could benefit from the services.


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Bedford Place Studio

We are a small but perfectly formed 4 room therapy Centre in Bedford Place, which is just North of Southampton City Centre, less than 10 minutes walk from the train station. Our Reception desk opens at 10am daily until 7.45pm weekdays. We are opposite Sainsbury's, beneath the Photorooms about halfway down Bedford place, you need to come down a few steps to access our premises. More >

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Our Blog is a knowledge base at your finger tips, with over 100 articles each crammed full of information on massage, health, life balance, exercise, diet, treatments, company updates and so much more! We were awarded 21st place in the feedspot international top 100 blogs! Pretty cool huh? Articles are all written by our experienced therapists. More >

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