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Welcome to the “What is” or Massage Guide section of our website, here you can find out a little bit more on our most popular treatments on offer. Each of the below pages detail information about the massage therapies that we offer. As well as giving you some background information and history surrounding each treatment, hopefully this massage guide will help you to decide what you would like the most.

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Aromatherapy is the art of blending Essential Oils derived from natural products to benefit the health and/or mood of the... Read More About Aromatherapy Aromatherapy

Sports Massage

If you’re athletic or if you have become injured at the gym or during training, it is  often a great idea to receive a Sports Massage. This can help the recovery from injury as well as helping prevent injuries, Sports Massage promotes faster recovery... Read More About Sports Massage


Starting at the beginning, let’s first look at the rich history and origins of Reflexology. Evidence suggests that Reflexology’s origins stem... Read More About Reflexology

Hot Stones Massage

The heat released slowly from the Hot Stones Massage is very relaxing and also helps to release tension in muscles... Read More About Hot Stones Massage

Indian Head Massage

The Indian  Head Massage Therapist uses a variety of techniques without oil to literally lift tension from the scalp... Read More About Indian Head Massage

Swedish Massage

Swedish Massage is the most commonly used massage treatment in Europe today. It combines techniques of gentle effleurage to sooth... Read More About Swedish Massage


The foot reflects an image of the body and all the vital areas are mapped out, changes and tension in these areas of the foot can relate to... Read More About Reflexology


After any Holistic Treatment it’s important to drink plenty water throughout the day and night as this encourages your body to disperse of... Read More About Aftercare

Neuromuscular Technique

Neuromuscular Therapy is method that is integrated into a Holistic Massage if you are suffering from acute muscle tension, knots... Read More About Neuromuscular Technique

Acupressure Massage

Chinese cultures believe the points to be junctures of meridian pathways that carry energy called chi... Read More About Acupressure Massage

Thai Massage Information

The underpinning philosophy supporting Thai massage concerns opening the various energy channels in the body... Read More About Thai Massage

What is The Right Massage For Me?

What Massage Should I Choose? If You Are Unsure What Massage You Need Or Want, This Flow Chart Can Help You... Read More About What is the right massage for me?

Pregnancy Massage

Pregnancy Massage is a very soothing and relaxing experience designed to relieve the physical muscular and mental stresses or tensions brought about by pregnancy. This article explains in detail the benefits of receiving a massage during your pregnancy... Read More About The Benefits of Pregnancy Massage

What To Expect From Your Thai Massage

Thai Massage is very different from most common massage techniques in that you keep your clothes on and no oils are used during the treatment. If this is your first time getting a Thai Massage then you are in for a massive treat... Read More About What to Expect From Your Thai Massage

Deep Tissue Massage Techniques

Southampton Deep Tissue Massage is a broad search term.... But how many other Therapists use such a wealth of Massage Techniques as the YOU Massage Therapy Deep Tissue Massage Therapists?! Deep Tissue Massage Techniques



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