Gua Sha Massage Aftercare, what are these bruises?

If YOU have experienced a Gua Sha Body Massage, we hope you are feeling looser and lighter after your recent Remedial Massage treatment.

Gua sha is a therapeutic method of classical Chinese medicine that works to improve circulation and blood flow to reduce tension and chronic pain. The scraping of skin with a gua sha tool causes the appearance of purple or red spots known as petechiae or sha.

Although this may appear visually similar to mild bruising, it actually signifies the impeded circulation of qi, blood or fluids in the area of treatment.  Gua sha is used to address stagnant energy, blood and fluids within the body and to move the body back into a state of homeostasis and promote overall well-being.

We trust that you left the studio feeling rejuvenated and with increased mobility in those tight and painful areas. If your pain persists, please Contact Us.

To maximize the benefits of your Gua sha session and extend the post-treatment feeling, keep reading for a few aftercare tips….

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Sound Baths in Southampton, with Reiki and Crystal Healing Master: Holistic J

jason reiki master southamptonWe are delighted to announce, the newest member of our Therapist collective, Jason – Holistic J, working from our YOUNITY studio

Jason is a career Holistic Therapist & Coach and UK Reiki Federation Master & Teacher

IPHM – Executive Member of the International Practitioners of Holistic Medicine

Jason is launching Sound Baths, with a fully booked success over our Open doors Weekend, put your name down to be the first to receive updates by emailing today!

Sound Baths in Southampton:

This will be a journey of sound and a guided meditation.  Soundbaths have many holistic benefits – physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.  Cymatic studies have showed how intention and sound and different vibrational frequencies affects water with many positive outcomes.  As we are 70-80% water sounbaths can have similar benefits.  Live blood results after a 20 minute gong meditation confirmed blood cells were more separated, round, hydrated with less acidity and inflammation.  Whether it is to balance your chakras, have more inner peace, stillness and calmness.  Experience natural binaural beats, Alter your brainwaves to a theta healing state, improve your meditation and present moment awareness, or just have a deeply relaxing experience.  All our welcome.  Just bring your own pillow and blanket and experience this beautifully orchestrated sounbath experience, with Holistic J at the YouMassage therapy centre. 

To reserve and book click here to secure your place.

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Jason’s Treatments:

Reiki – Learn More >

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Acupuncture and Massage. The perfect combination to help YOU: available in Southampton

Acupuncture and massage are both very effective treatments to help a range of ailments and concerns. When they are both combined together it can create the best restorative treatment to help melt away the physical tension, quieten down a busy mind and bring the body back to a deeper level of balance.

How does acupuncture work?

Acupuncture involves inserting needles into the body to stimulate sensory nerves in the skin and muscles.

Traditional Chinese medicine explains acupuncture as a technique for balancing the flow of energy – known as chi or qi – believed to flow through pathways (meridians) in your body. When the qi does not run smoothly throughout the body this can result in illness or imbalance. Imbalanced qi can manifest as a variety of physical and emotional symptoms such as chronic pain, fatigue, low mood, headaches, congested sinuses, anxiety, insomnia, digestive disorders, and menstrual problems. By inserting needles into specific points along these meridians, acupuncture is believed to re-balance your vital energy.

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The Benefits of Sports Massage are Game-Changing  

We have so many clients visiting us for Sports Massage in Southampton, here, we explain why a Sport / Remedial Massage is a Game Changer

Whether you are an athlete or live an active lifestyle and are looking for ways to improve or maintain your training regimen, then sports massage is a great way to aid recovery and enhance performance.

sports massage southampton

Clients often wonder ‘what is the difference between Sports massage and Deep-Tissue massage’? And the truth is, Sports massage goes beyond relaxation. What sets it apart is its customized approach, tailoring each treatment to the specific needs and goals of the client.

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75 min Full Body Experience JUST £75 till the end of August!

Focusing on the 5 elements of earth, water, fire, air and ether.

You will be taken on a “Journey of the Senses” and also mindfulness elements of truth, love, goals, desires, grounding and gratitude. This Journey uses 5 elemental massage techniques, aromatherapy, crystals, massage lotion (optional), water mist spray, soft brushes, silk scarves, feathers, hand fans, meditation, hot & cold stones, sound and energy healing.

Making it a relaxing, indulgent, blissful, sensory experience. Each moment is a “GIFT” to be enjoyed. Maybe that is why it is called the “PRESENT”!

“The five elements make up the basic elements of life, and they form the building blocks of the universe. These five subtle elements are projected through the five senses”.

✨SPACE/ETHER is the “expansion of consciousness” and is linked to SOUND/HEARING, the THROAT, expression and speaking your truth. Through the sense of hearing the element space is generated. Everything is vibration, frequency and energy.

AIR represents “movement of consciousness”, direction and action. It is linked to the sense of TOUCH, HEART, healing and love.

FIRE is the “transformation of consciousness” and is projected by the sense of SIGHT, the SOLAR PLEXUS, willpower, future plans and goals. It represents transformation, friction and heat. Where there is movement, there is friction, which creates heat and action.

WATER represents “liquefaction of consciousness”, balance, cold, the sense of TASTE, SACRAL CHAKRA, emotions, desires & life experiences you want to attract.

EARTH represents the “crystallization of consciousness”, the sense of SMELL, the ROOT/BASE chakra for grounding energy, to let go of things that are no longer needed or serve us and gratitude. Due to the heat of the fire and water, there is crystallization to make solid structures and matter.

Give yourself the gift of the present moment, and book your “Journey of the Senses” – 5 Elements Massage!

Book any of our Indulgent Packages here:

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Introducing: Gua Sha Facial and Body Treatment

Hi! I’m Vee! I offer tailored massage treatments specializing in acupressure, Gua sha and trigger-point therapy which help to release tension, relieve pain and ultimately rebalance the body. I am also trained in sports massage therapy, Holistic and Swedish and pregnancy massage. I work to reduce stress and tension in the body and promote relaxation for the mind.
Are you looking for a natural and relaxing way to ease neck and shoulder tension as well as reducing the appearance of puffiness, congestion, fine lines and wrinkles in the face? Then book in for a relaxing and restorative Gua Sha treatment with Vee.

Gua sha treatment prices:

45 min for £50 ; Senior therapist £54.50

75 min for £80 ; Senior therapist £87.50

90 min for £95 ; Senior therapist £104

Click here to book

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How Yoga can help YOU manage chronic stress, muscle tension from it + feel grounded & safe

How Yoga can help YOU reconnect with your body and mind, and deal with chronic stress & muscle tension? – What science has to say.

By Emilie, Manager & Yoga teacher at Younity studio – YOU Massage

Passionate about physical exercise since my youth, I noticed how increasingly lighter and brighter I felt after each Yoga class when I started as a student, in a deeper way that any other physical practice has done for me before. Recently the wonderful book “The body keeps the score” by Dr Van Der Kolk fed me with a lot of scientist expertise and documentation about how our emotional trauma is stored into our autonomic nervous system – fight or flight response – and therefore in our body. It provides some interesting pieces of information regarding the benefits of Yoga on such matter:

When people are chronically angry or scared, constant muscle tension ultimately leads to spasms, back pain, migraine headaches, fibromyalgia, and other forms of chronic pain (let’s add IBS, chronic fatigue, etc). They may visit multiple specialists, undergo expensive diagnosis tests, and be prescribed multiple medication, some of which may provide temporary relief but all of which fail to address the underlying issues.

`Scientific methods has confirmed that changing the way one breathes can improve problem with anger, depression, and anxiety and that yoga can positively affect such wide-ranging medical problems as high blood pressure, elevated stress hormone secretion, asthma, and low-back pain.
In their 2014 studies, Yoga turned out to be a terrific way to regain relationship with the interior world with a caring, loving, sensual relationship to the self. If you are not aware of what your body needs, you can’t take care of it. If you can’t feel hunger, you can’t nourish yourself. If you mistake anxiety for hunger, you may eat too much. And if you can’t feel when you are satiated, you’ll keep eating. This is why cultivating sensory awareness is such a critical aspect of trauma recovery. Most traditional therapies downplay or ignore the moment-to-moment shifts in our inner sensory world.

In yoga you focus your attention on your breathing and your sensations on your moment to moment. You begin to notice the connection between your emotions and your body – perhaps how anxiety about doing a pose throw you actually off balance. You begin to experiment with changing the way you feel. Will taking a deep breath relieve that tension in your shoulder? Will focusing on your exhalations produce a sense of calm?

Simply noticing what you feel fosters emotional regulation, and it helps you to stop trying to ignore what is going on inside you. As I often tell my students, the two most important phrases in therapy, as in Yoga, are “Notice that” and “What happens next?” Once you start approaching your body with curiosity rather than with fear, everything shifts.

In Yoga you learn that sensations rise to a peak and then fall. In a challenging position, you may first feel a sense of defeat or resistance, anticipating that you won’t be able to tolerate the feelings brought up by this particular position. A good yoga teacher will encourage you to just notice any tension while timing what you feel with the flow of your breath: “We’ll be holding this position for ten breaths.” This helps you anticipate the end of discomfort and strengthens your capacity to deal with physical and emotional distress. Awareness that all experience is transitory changes your perspective on yourself.”

Yoga is much more than a simple physical exercise, it can help you improve your mind deeply and sustainably, find love and peaceful confidence within yourself. It has been a game changer for myself and so many others. Let it become your game changer. Try out one of our Yoga classes in Southampton in our Younity – look for Yoga at Younity on Google 🙂

– Dr Van Der Kolk – The body keeps the score, Chapter Learning to inhabit your body: Yoga, P318-329, 2014, Penguin Psychology

Discover the healing powers of Biomagnetism

Biomagnetism – or Biomagnetic Pair Therapy – is a natural complementary therapy that helps against a large number of illnesses through the use of pairs of medium intensity magnets. These magnets are used to normalize or equalize a disease organism’s pH level. Biomagnetism has been developed by Dr. Isaac Goiz of Mexico, as an alternative complementary treatment to restore and maintain physical and mental health.

My name is Angelika. I came across Biomagnetic Pair Therapy during my own healing journey from a chronic condition. After years of being unwell and trying a number of natural therapies, I still couldn’t see the light in the tunnel. I suffered from multi systemic symptoms mainly neurological ones, but also multiple sensitivities, chronic fatigue, digestive problems and severe anxiety. At this point, I was no longer able to work and was housebound / bedridden most of the time. My interest in holistic medicine grew over the years, as I continued my research about the mind and body connection and tried to find a cure for my debilitating symptoms.

Biomagnetic Pair Therapy turned out to be a game changer for me. Within a few sessions, my overal condition improved by about 50%. I continued the treatments for seven months and at that point I was at 80 percent back to normal. I was so impressed with the results of my treatment that I decided to train in this wonderful therapy. I received my training from Dr David Goiz in London.

I am trained in level 1 & 2 and advanced Biomagnetism, Microbioenergetics, Emotion Code, Reflexology, Reiki and Holistic nutrition.
In my sessions, I use a combination of Biomagnetism, Bioenergetics, Microbioenergetics, Emotion and Body Code, light work and elements of German New Medicine. I also work with brain reprogramming techniques.

Based on my personal experience, I truly believe that emotions, trauma and unhealthy thinking patterns are the root cause of most dis- ease. Therefore, true healing can only happen when the root cause is identified and addressed.

I specialise in treating Lyme disease and my approach to Lyme is quite unconventional. I have researched this condition for many years both as a sufferer and then a therapist and I have come to a few fundamental conclusions regarding most effective ways of treatment. I also treat conditions like Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and recently long Covid.
I have helped many people restore their health from complex chronic conditions as well as minor ailments.
I am extremely passionate about helping others heal and committed to providing professional treatment in a carring way promoting health, happiness and well being of my clients.

Angelika is trained in level 1 & 2 and advanced biomagnetism, Microbioenergetics, Emotion Code, reflexology, reiki and holistic nutrition.

Mental health group sessions with Roxy at You Massage & Therapy Studio

You might have noticed that since February, You Massage (we) have started hosting Mental Health groups ran by Mental Health Southampton, a project that aims to build a mental health-friendly community in Southampton by organizing in-person groups, discussing mental health-related themes and educating individuals on well-being tools.
The groups are run by Roxy, a mental health practitioner with a passion for educating the community on mental health and well-being. They run on a monthly basis and welcome anyone who is interested in learning more about mental health, either due to facing their own mental health struggles, knowing someone who does, or just pure curiosity!

Drawing on from her experience, Roxy has become passionate about the importance of
maintaining our mental health by regularly using evidence-based well-being tools, such as mindfulness, journaling, breathing exercises and gratitude, rather than only seeking help when our mental health is already suffering. She is also passionate about the importance of community and the sense of belonging and being accepted as who we are, which are basic
human needs.
We live in fast-paced, stressful times where we tend to overlook the importance of our
mental health, and keeping a healthy balance of achieving, connecting with loved ones and performing activities we enjoy. This is reflected in the rise in mental health issues as we have become more disconnected from ourselves, each other and the environment.

‘A recurrent theme I see in many people who suffer from mental health issues is a lack of community, of supportive relationships, of deeper connection with others, which is what inspired me to start these groups, as safe spaces where people can come and meet others and listen compassionately to each other. A safe, non-judgemental space where people can be authentically themselves, wherever they find themselves in their life, whether they want to share and celebrate a win, or share something they’ve struggled with.’ – says Roxy

Every group has a specific theme that the facilitator introduces at the beginning of the
session, which then leads to a group discussion where participants can share their opinions and experiences if they wish to, while the others listen with compassion. After the sharing is over, the facilitator will introduce about a well-being tool and the scientific evidence for it, and demonstrate it for the group to try it.
The groups are donation-based with a minimum suggested donation of £5 either cash or through PayPal which helps keep the groups running. Before attending we encourage you to fill in an intake form to let us know why you are willing to attend and what you hope to get out of the groups.

You can get in touch with Roxy via email, at
or via Instagram at @mentalhealthsouthampton ,as well as join the Facebook group ,
Mental Health Southampton Support Group.

Next Session is tonight 24.03.23 at 6pm

Why practice Yoga in Southampton weekly?

Over the years, Yoga has grown in popularity, there are now tens of dozens of Yoga Studios in Southampton, and we’d like to take a moment to let YOU know why a regular weekly Yoga practice is great for YOU!

Southampton Yoga has grown in popularity because of the many benefits of yoga to the people of the city, these are, to name a few:

  • Making time to be with yourself, Yoga  means Union
  • Giving space for the mind to be still, Yoga quietens busy minds
  • Feeling fit and Healthy – yoga creates a wide range of benefits for your bodily fitness
  • Reduction in pain and stress – by allowing the fluids and tensions of the body and mind to move, Yoga alleviates build up
  • Better sleep – yoga creates a harmonious environment for the self to be at peace
  • Great social interaction – a yoga class is a great place to meet and spend time with fiends
  • Continued Learning and Achieving – feel good as you will always get the chance to learn more and go deeper with your Yoga practice

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