Massage with Rosie

I chose to practice massage therapy a few years ago as I was initially intrigued by its simplicity yet profound effect on calming the body and mind. I believe that our bodies have all they need within to heal themselves from the mental trauma and daily stress we put them though. YOU Massage Therapy is a space where you can rest and receive hands-on treatment to encourage your body-mind to realign with its natural state. Having studied and worked in western medical science for over ten years, I know what our bodies get up to during periods of disease. ‘Dis-ease’. So much of this is caused by our lifestyle; rushing around, eating on-the-hoof, fizzy drinks, poor posture, our sedentary routine. There is so much we can do to ease this burden on ourselves. So come and get easy with yourself and try out one of my memorable massages.

The types of massage I offer include:

ddHolistic Massage

This is YOU Massage Therapy’s signature treatment tailored around you. It uses techniques of Swedish massage, Deep Tissue and Remedial massage with lymphatic drainage in a combination to suit each individual who walks through the door. Whether you wish to feel relaxed, stimulated, unwound or motivated, the type and depth of massage is tailored to your needs as I trace the pattern of tension around your body.

I also use the opportunity to offer a unique blend of aromatherapy oils to suit your mood or how you wish to feel. These generally help your muscles to relax, your mind to unwind and heighten a sense of wellbeing.


Indian Head Massage

Developed in ancient India it has travelled far and wide due to its incredible ability to stimulate and refresh. ‘Marma points’ (energy points) are stimulated through touch to promote relaxation for the entire body.  Indian headindian head with borders massage can bring peace to a stressed mind. It can relieve headaches caused by tense neck, upper back and jaw muscles. It can improve concentration and sleep patterns. It can balance chakras, which relate to the whole being, in someone feeling out of kilter and it can help relieve nasal or sinus congestion.

It can be performed seated or lying down. I sometimes incorporate it into a Holistic Massage either at the beginning or the end as I know people will love it!


sports massageSports and Remedial Massage

This is a generally firmer massage and is very much tailored to the needs of the individual. Whether you have a pain or reduced movement in a particular area, I can help by assessing why this might be. And it does not have to be sport related. Often it arises out of repetitive movements related to work, hobbies or poor posture habits!

I use postural assessment techniques and general massage techniques to assess for areas of tension, reduced range of movement or scar tissue. This helps me to decide which deep tissue techniques to use in order to help remedy your pain. I can also provide assistance and guidance with a range of remedial exercises aimed at improving recovery and preventing recurrence of injury so that you can get back to your activities of choice as quickly as possible as well as improves function and performance.

I will always get to know you during consultation before any treatment, and most treatments require a combination of different therapies which is what we do best! Because of my background, I am well versed with complex medical conditions and the effect massage can have on them. I look forward to meeting with you and designing a specially tailored Massage session, or course of sessions, for you.


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