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If you are looking for Thai Massage in Southampton then we are the first choice for a professional, effective Thai Massage. Unlike some other Southampton Thai Massage practices, we do not ever offer ‘extras’, (so don’t ask please) which means you can be assured you will get the best high quality, traditionally qualified, insured and ethical Traditional Thai Massage, tailored to your needs.

YOU Massage Therapy offer Lazy Yoga Thai Massage in Southampton

Please ensure you wear loose clothing. The philosophy behind Thai Massage is to open the energy channels (known as wind channels) in the body so that energy flow is increased and wellbeing restored. The massage works along Sen lines which are similar to the energy meridians used in other massage therapies such as Acupressure, Reiki and Shiatsu.

Thai Yoga massage: The Therapist will apply stretching and pressure to points across across your feet, legs, abdoman, arms, chest, neck, head and back to lengthen muscles and relieve blockages throughout your circulatory and lymphatic system. This releases tension and tight muscles and nourishment and energy throughout your body.

Thai Foot massage: Working on the whole body nerves ending on the feet, to release any blocked energy. Click for more info about Thai foot massage

Thai Massage Therapists, apply stretching and pressure to points across across your feet, legs, abdomen, arms, chest, neck, head and back to release tension, lengthen muscles and relieve blockages throughout your circulatory and lymphatic system, releasing tight muscles, nourishing and energizing your body.

When Thai Massage is not advised

If you have any of the health conditions in the list below, Vigorous Massage like Thai Massage is not appropriate. Feel free to contact us for more information on why. Do not proceed with Thai Massage if you have:

Heart Disease; Rheumatoid Arthritis (Osteoarthritis is OK); Inflammatory Spinal Conditions such as Spondylitis; Severe Respiratory Disorders; Cerebral Palsy; Diabetes; Epilepsy; Very High Blood Pressure; Recent Injury such as Whiplash or tear; or if you are Pregnant.

We will normally offer a much gentler form of Massage Therapy as an alternative for you, there are some conditions where even gentle massage may not be suitable, click here to read about more serious contra-indications.


Find out more by following the link on Thai Massage Information.

If this is your first visit to the YOU Massage studio, you will be guided through a new client consultation, so we have your health and well-being history for therapist reference. You will be asked about areas of pain and discomfort and the history of such, this will assure the therapist is working to your needs.

Thai Massage is typically a stronger than other types of massage, there can be discomfort as the therapists work the tense areas, but it can feel enormously satisfying and you will feel much better in a day or two once your body has healed new and more relaxed. The massage works by slowly penetrating layers of muscle and tissue, to reach and relieve Deep Muscular Tension, quite often the cause of chronic pain, poor posture or restricted mobility. Expect a firm, precise Massage with stretching and soothing for the most effective Deep Tissue Massage around and long term relief from Pain and Tension! gradually working Deeper to work away ‘surface tension’ and reach the ‘knots’ or adhesions that lie beneath, often in the back, neck, shoulders, legs, pecs and glutes.

After checking your discomfort and comfort levels, your Massage Therapist will start by warming your muscles using Swedish Massage, they may ask you to perform some movements in order to trace the pattern of tension throughout the body down the trains of fascia and locate ‘problem areas’. Then they will work the areas in order to release them, working gradually deeper and firmer to release deep muscular tension.

No two Thai Massages are the same, and we encourage you to try different therapists during your relationship with us, but a great relationship with a therapist who knows your body will go so far. Do let them know how you are finding the pressure and they will work with you for optimum comfort. The YOU Massage Southampton Therapists are all qualified in Holistic and Remedial techniques; they each have their own proven Deep Tissue Massage methods with origins of Acupressure, Osteopathy, Thai Massage, Sports Massage, Therapeutic Massage, Myofascial Release, Physiotherapy, Holistic Massage, Swedish Massage and Lymph Drainage Massage.

Thai Massage is a long lazy treatment that will rejuvenate you from tip to toe

1 hour is £60

1.5 hours is £75

2 hours is £90

Thai Foot Massage

45 Min Thai foot £49.50

45 min Thai foot + Cupping £59.50

Read More About Thai Foot Massage here >


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Thai Massage Studio in Southampton

The Traditional Thai Massage (or ‘Lazy Yoga’ Massage) that we offer in our Southampton Massage Studio, is a completely different style to the traditional western oil massage. In Thai massage you remain fully clothed through the treatment and no oil is used. The treatment uses pressure points and yoga like stretching to release tension and relax muscles.

So if you are looking for a Relaxing and therapeutic Thai Massage in Southampton, Hampshire fill in your details above or Call Us on 02380 639 747. Or you can get in touch to find out more about the treatments and our Availability.


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