Lymph Drainage Massage Southampton

Are you in looking for a Lymphatic Drainage Massage in Southampton? We can help you…

A Boosting, Deeply Relaxing, Anti-Inflammatory Lymph Drainage Massage Southampton

The Lymph Drainage Massage we offer in our Southampton Massage studio is applied to reduce swelling and boost detoxification.

This very light, rythmic Massage aids the flow of the Lymph, which is essentially the body’s waste disposal system. This Massage is effective at reducing inflammation as well as aiding healing.

If you’ve been unwell, frequently catch colds, at rest for long periods of time, feel fatigued, cold, heavy or bloated, or suffer with lymphoedema because of surgery or slow circulation; a Lymphatic Drainage Massage may be just what you need to feel better

All Holistic Treatments are enhanced with a unique blend of essential oils, making it perfectly balancing for you, aiding the detox process by flushing tissues of fluid and boosting blood flow!

Benefits of Lymph Drainage Massage

There are many instances when Lymphatic Drainage Massage Treatment, offered at our Southampton Massage studio, would be appropriate; although it can be beneficial to general health and well being by purifying the body, removing any toxins that may cause future problems and enhancing the immune system.

Benefits of a Lymph Drainage Massage:
– Reduces swelling by dispersing the build up
– Stimulates the immune system by increasing the production of antibodies
– Can enhance natural immunity and decrease sensitivity to allergies
– Enhances the health and beauty of the skin
– Deeply relaxing and soothing
– Reduces the appearance of scar tissue, burns, stretch marks and wrinkles
– Helps to disperse Cellulite by draining away toxins
– Can help to treat colds, flu, sinusitis, ear and eye problems by increased immunity
– Reduces Chronic muscular pain by stimulating the autonomic nervous system
– Improves symptoms of constipation, insomnia, lethargy and chronic fatigue syndrome.

When Lymphatic Drainage Massage is not advised

We are experienced therapists and will always tailor Holistic Massage to your individual needs so you can be sure you are being cared for.
Lymphatic Drainage Massage will not be applied over infected or cancerous parts of the body.

It is rare that gentle massage can upset the balance of the body more so than day to day life, however, there are some conditions where massage would not be appropriate and expert medical attention will be advised. Click here if you are suffering with a medical problem for guidance.


If this is your first visit to the YOU Massage studio, you will be guided through a new client consultation, so we have your health and well-being history for therapist reference. You will be asked about areas of pain and discomfort and the history of such, this will assure the therapist is working to your needs.

The Therapist will take time to get to know you and your requirements and they will tailor the treatment time specifically for You. You will be encouraged to Relax until you drift away on a cloud and then gently brought back down to Earth. A truly Relaxing Holistic Massage.

Lymphatic Drainage Massage aids the detoxification process and can increase the volume of lymph flow by up to twenty times. The skin is slightly stretched with gentle massage and then lightly and rhythmically stroked directing the lymph flow toward the nearest lymph node.

Starting at the node, the therapist will gently pump the fluid through and, with the aid of gravity and specialist techniques, massage the tissues just beneath the surface to encourage the flow of lymphatic fluid from the tissues to the nodes, which act like filters.

Deeply relaxing and wonderfully healing

Lymphatic Drainage Massage

Full Body 75 – 90 Minutes Recommended

Book with one of our Regular or Senior therapist (+ 10 years experience) or an Advanced practitioner (Level 7)
£45 for 45 min – Senior Therapist £49.50 – Advanced practitioner £52
£75 for 75 min Senior Therapist £82.50 – Advanced practitioner £85
£90 for 90 min Senior Therapist £99
 – Advanced practitioner £102

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Please note, a consultation is required on your first visit for any treatment; necessary to get a good understanding of you and tailor the treatment around your needs.

New client consultation forms will be emailed to you and we require form completion and pre-payment is required prior to appointments being confirmed.

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YOU Massage Southampton Lymphatic Drainage

Searching for “Lymph Drainage Massage Southampton” in Google will tell you exactly how many people offer it Massage in Southampton. There aren’t many massage therapists offering this specialist treatment, the YOU Massage Southampton Lymph Drainage Massage Therapists are experienced in this gentle therapy and how to tailor it for you.

The lymphatic fluid, which collects debris and ‘toxins’ from the tissues, does not have a pump, like the heart, so it relies on muscle movement and gravity to stimulate its flow. If left congested, due to a reduced flow caused by injury, illness, hormones, exercise or lack of exercise, it can cause oedema (swelling or water retention). A poor lymph flow can also result in obesity, swollen glands, achy muscles or tiredness.

Lymphatic Drainage Massage aids the detoxification process and can increase the volume of lymph flow by up to twenty times. The skin is slightly stretched with gentle massage and then lightly and rhythmically stroked directing the lymph flow toward the nearest lymph node.

Please read our Cancellation Policy prior to committing to an Appointment.

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