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Osteopathy Southampton

Are you in need of an Osteopath in Southampton? YOU Massage Therapy have two incredible resident Osteopaths


Osteopathy is available under strict safety guidelines, from Wednesday 17th June, please contact us to book.

Holistic, Remedial, Effective, Expert, Sport & Spinal Osteopathy in Southampton

The Osteopathy we offer here at our Southampton Studio (Hampshire) is as Holistic as our Massage Therapy and will be uniquely tailored around your individual needs using proven Osteopathic techniques, Sport Massage and Cranial Osteopathy as appropriate.

Osteopaths are known for treating the musculoskeletal system and dealing with aches, pains, and stiffness; yet that is not all they do!

Our Osteopaths will assess your whole being including stress levels, posture, bones, muscles, ligaments and connective tissue to assure they are functioning smoothly together to allow the body to heal itself.

Book in to see our Southampton Osteopath if you are experiencing prolonged or unexplained pain, an uneven posture, back problems, restricted movement or you have injured yourself.


    An Osteopath must study, like a medical doctor, for 4-5 years and spend at least 1000 hours in training. Osteopaths seek to establish what has impaired self-healing to allow the disease to develop in the first place. Osteopathy and mainstream medicine compliment each other very well. Osteopaths can treat people who are on any combination of medication for any number of illnesses as there can be no drug interactions.
    Benefits of Osteopathy

  • Balances the posture
  • Frees trapped joints and reduces the stress from the tissues
  • Detects and removes the underlying source of pain
  • Improves the range of motion
  • Treats spinal problems including disk injuries
  • Reduces pain, including muscular tension and headaches
  • Helps the body adapt during chang, including pregnancy, after injury or a new routine
  • Reduces scar tissue
  • Improves High blood pressure and circulation
  • Read our Article on Osteopathy for Back Pain


When Osteopathy is not advised

If you have any of the health conditions in the list below, Osteopathy is not appropriate. Feel free to contact us for more information on why.

Do not proceed with Osteopathy if you have:

Heart Disease; Rheumatoid Arthritis (Osteoarthritis is OK); Inflammatory Spinal Conditions such as Spondylitis; Severe Respiratory Disorders; Cerebral Palsy; Diabetes; Epilepsy; Very High Blood Pressure; Recent Injury such as Whiplash or tear; or if you are Pregnant.

We will normally offer a much gentler form of Massage Therapy as an alternative for you, there are some conditions where even gentle massage may not be suitable, click here to read about more serious contra-indications.


If this is your first appointment with one of the Osteopaths at YOU Massage, you will be guided through a new client consultation, EVEN if you have had a massage consultation, because the Osteopathic Consultation is far more in depth. This will assure the therapist is working to your needs.


At YOU Massage, the Osteo's emphasis is on the ability of the human body to self-repair. They aim to remove obstructions that limit the body’s capacity to heal whilst supporting and maintaining the individual's return to health. They will assess your posture and range of movement and use touch to seek out your problem areas.
Using Remedial Massage and gentle manipulation Osteopathy will work to release soft tissues and joints, sometimes you will here a click as joints are freed up. You can expect to feel freer with a greater range of movement after an Osteopathic treatment. Sometimes, particularly if it is your first Osteo treatment, you will feel a little discomfort as the healing response in your body is triggered. You will be given personal aftercare and a treatment plan unqiue to you and your recovery.
Read more about Osteopathy Philosophy




Please note, a consultation is required on your first Osteopathy appointment, even if you have had a massage consultation previously

Osteopathy appointment times will vary on your needs and typically run between 20 - 45 minutes, a little longer is required for your first session as this includes consultation. Thank you for your understanding.

Please note that we will now add an extra £2 for PPE

Osteopathy Treatment Price: £57 First and £47 Return


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YOU Massage Southampton Osteopathy

Looking for "Southampton Osteopath" in a search engine like Google will inform you as to how many practices offer Osteopathy in Southampton. As with all our treatments, you are welcomed into a calming and soothing environment and greeted by friendly professionals. YOU Massage's Osteopathy is, like our massage, tailored for you. Both of our Osteopaths are also experienced Sport Massage Therapists, meaning they will give you the treatment you need to heal and feel right.

Both consultants have sound osteopathic skills and good medical knowledge. They can treat people with musculosketletal problems who may also have underlying medical conditions such as diabetes and heart disease. Osteopaths can detect problems that seem to be mechanical but may in fact require a referral to the GP.

Our Southampton Osteopaths are able to utilize cranial, medical, sporting and osteopathic knowledge when treating patients. Using a structural approach integrating Sports Massage techniques and Cranial Osteopathy when appropriate, with an extensive repertoire of techniques that can be adapted to each patient's unique needs, advocating a holistic approach to health, integrating lifestyle and exercise advice into our osteopathic treatments.

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