What Massage do I need?

Whatever treatment you select, it will always be perfectly tailored around your needs. Yet we are often asked by people what treatment we would recommend.

We’ve created this short survey to help you decide on what, out of our most popular treatments, may suit you best.

Holistic Massage

Holistic Massage is used to relax and balance health, but, at YOU Massage, it is also wonderfully indulgent, so much so, you can forget about any health concerns for a short space of time and, hopefully, come away feeling less discomfort.

After an initial client consultation, where one of our expert team will take down your health history, they will design a treatment fitted perfectly around your needs. Why not upgrade with a mini facial or foot ritual to make your Holistic treatment even more Indulgent?

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Full Body Holistic Massage

Any of our treatments will be tailored to balance and relax, but none quite as much as the Full Body Holistic Massage, which will use a combination of therapies, oils and techniques, to treat you from top to toe, to deliver nothing but balance, deep relaxation and escape from the world, tailored perfectly around your needs.

90 minutes recommended for full body, read more and contact to book

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Indulgent Packages

We have designed a set of spa-like indulgent packages just for you, to deeply relax and indulge your every sense.

Our signature packages come in 60, 90 or 120 minute durations and can include a combination of Tranquility facials and body treatments, Holistic Massage, and all the indulgent extras, such as warm oils, hot stones, heat packs, eye masques and dark rooms with slow pressure for your exquisite relaxation

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Deep Tissue Massage

Deep Tissue Massage will help relieve tension deep within the muscles, required when postural or old injury tension is left to build up, it takes a little time to deeply break the tension down that is restricting you and causing you pain. By releasing hard tension caused by tightened and knotted muscles fibres, ligaments or tendons and a build up of fascia, the connective tissue that can gather and tighten around tense areas. It is particularly important to ensure you drink plenty of water after a Deep Tissue Massage, you may also be advised to do some stretches to help correct any postural problems

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Sports Massage Therapy

Sports Massage Therapy is an ideal aid to recovery from injury as well as helping prevent injuries, Sports Massage promotes faster recovery after competing or training and maintains a healthy musculo-skeletal system by supporting not just the muscles but the ligaments, joints and tendons. It can aid tension throughout the body caused by daily tasks, such as lifting, long drives or stooping over a computer

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Senior Sports Massage Therapy is a combination of our most effective therapies, tailored expertly by our highly qualified and experienced therapists, who will use additional tools, such as Acupuncture, Physio Taping, Spinal Manipulation and exercise programs to assure your injury gets the best possible attention to reduce your ongoing pain and for optimum healing.

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Osteopaths are known for treating the musculo-skeletal system and dealing with aches, pains, and stiffness; yet that is not all they do. Our Osteopaths will assess your whole being including stress levels, posture, bones, muscles, ligaments and connective tissue to assure they are functioning smoothly together to allow the body to heal itself. Our Osteopaths are also expert Massage Therapists, this is our most comprehensive treatment.

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Complementary Therapies

We’d suggest, if you have the need to relax and balance your health, that you see one of our Complementary Therapy specialists.

Reflexology is a deeply relaxing and healing foot treatment where the body is mapped to the feet and worked based on your health concerns. Feel clarity and balance and, often, a reduction in discomfort and symptoms. Read more and contact to book online

Indian Head Massage is non invasive, it clears the mind and reduces stress related tension from the head, neck, shoulders and face. Deeply balancing and revitalising. Read more and contact to book

Lymphatic Drainage Massage can help to boost the immune system and reduce uncomfortable swelling, bloating or neuralgia. It is very gentle and encourages waste disposal in the body. Read more and contact to book

Reiki and Energy Healing are hands off treatments, designed to help your natural flow of energy, encourage healing and deep relaxation. Feel the therapist’s caring attention and allow yourself to let go. 

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