Neuromuscular Massage

Neuromuscular Massage is a Technique incorporated into Holistic Massage when someone is suffering from severe muscle tension to treat and prevent muscle knots and chronic pain. Muscles are kneaded until the surface tension which often feels ‘crunchy’ or ‘creeky’ when massaged has been dispersed, and with increasing pressure the muscle is penetrated deeper to seek out and reduce even the oldest of injury or posture related tension.



The result is dramatic pain relief- sometimes even immediately after years of pain and inability to use the muscles correctly. Throughout the treatment we will ask for your guidance in locating the ‘head’, or ‘trigger’, for the knots within your muscles, usually these are identified by a hard lump that feels sharp pain when pressed. Pressure is applied to the trigger for up to a minute using fingers, knuckles, wrists or elbow if required and then released and kneaded to disperse the toxins and drained toward the lymph nodes and then repeated if necessary.



Many people suffer with pain and tension, often without realising the cause, knots in the muscle are the result of muscle fibres being jarred and forced to overlap and ‘knot’, this can cause the surrounding muscle and bone to sit awkwardly causing a whole array of further structural damage. Neuromuscular Technique allows instant relief and often, with several treatments, permanent freedom from persistent aches and pains.


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