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YOU Massage Southampton Therapists

Widely accredited and fully protected by comprehensive professional liability insurance, you can be sure you are in the best possible hands. Before they treat our clients, new Therapists have been vetted by our loyal clients and staff.

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YOU Massage Southampton Therapists are exceptionally talented and passionate with a broad level of experience from many therapeutic backgrounds. We continuously develop our skills by learning together and externally through continuous professional development programs to keep our knowledge at the fore-front of industry understanding. All Therapists write for the YOU Massage Information Blog.


We have a core team of employed therapists and staff who work together to run the YOU Massage studio, these are the team on the end of the phone and email who will give you the warm reception you come to expect when you make contact with us. The rest of the Therapists and practitioners working at YOU Massage Therapy are self employed Associates and established businesses in their own right. Credentials for these therapists are detailed below. 

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The YM Core Team and Associate Therapists are looking forward to welcomign you to our studio



Core Team

The amazing individuals who manage and develop the YOU Massage practice

YOU Massage Southampton Amy

Since 2004 Amy has worked with Physiotherapists and Osteopaths, also in prestigious spas...

YOU Massage Southampton Caz

Caz has been offering a wide range of therapies and helping to manage the studio since 2012...

YOU Massage Southampton marie

With her intuition and flowing style, Marie gives incredible Holistic Treatments...

YOU Massage Southampton laura

Laura works closely with each of the therapists and team members to fully realise our visions...

YOU Massage Southampton Carley

With many qualifications, popular Carley's treatments are both targeted & relaxing...

Associate Therapists

With a wide variety of qualifications & experience, Associates each run their own business

YOU Massage Southampton Nikki


Nikki has worked here since the start; with over 10 years experience in expert deep tissue and indulgent therapy...

YOU Massage therapist lidia
Lidia Drobniak

Highly qualified in both Physiotherapy and Cosmetology in Poland, Lidia's treatments are of an exceptional standard...

YOU Massage Southampton iwona

Peace & Harmony

Iwona has studied Holistic therapy extensively andher treatments have been described as 'magical'...

YOU Massage Southampton Velichka

Velichka Dimitrova

With a background in prestigious spas, Velichka's approach is to assure your every need is met...

YOU Massage Southampton Pregnancy Massage Kirsty

Fertility & pregnancy expert, Kirsty is a practicing midwife, Yoga Instructor & Holistic therapist...

YOU Massage Southampton Osteopathy Tim


Tim is an amazing Osteopath, with a background in Sports Massage, he has an excellent manner and is very popular...

YOU Massage Southampton becki

Fate in Motion

Chris is a highly experienced therapist offering very deep deep tissue among other therapies with a thai influence...

YOU Massage Southampton Dessy

Dessy's Therapy

Dessy, or 'Daisy' as we know her, is passionate and intuitive with wonderful Holistic treatments

YOU Massage Southampton Physiotherapist Phil

Philip Coleman

Phil is a dedicated Physiotherapist, passionate about running, sports and injury prevention...

YOU Massage Southampton becki

Root Being

From Spa Lava Shells to Sports Massage, William is a wonderful therapist...

YOU Massage Southampton becki

Kidson & Kidson

Becki is a passionate Sports Massage Therapist, dedicated to helping you be at your best...

YOU Massage Southampton Reflexology Alex

Amethyst Reflexology

From Facial to Foot Reflexology, Alex is an expert and widely accredited..
YOU Massage Southampton Acupuncture Martin

Martin Genovese

5 Element Acupuncturist with a high level of expertese, Martin has been practicing since 2010...

YOU Massage Southampton Acupuncture Sharon

Hants Acu

Sharon is an expert, practicing Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine for good overall health...

YOU Massage Southampton will


A Sports Massage Therapist with over 15yr's experience, applies corrective measures for athletes and beyond...





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