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Are you as well as you can be?

As written by Southampton Acupuncturist – Sharon

Just recently I have had a few patients visit out Southampton Acupuncture treatment rooms who have wanted to try acupuncture without actually having an illness they wanted me to treat.  These patients were in good health, kept themselves fairly fit, and enjoyed good food. 

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In China, people use acupuncture to keep themselves well.  So if they have a headache or whatever, like you, they take a pill.  But, unlike here, when they next see their acupuncturist they report the pill usage and the acupuncturist treats them to ensure no further pill popping becomes necessary.

So these patients who have come to see me (out of curiosity I am sure) are actually ahead of the curve for how acupuncture is used or thought of in this county.  So what did I find to treat and what was the outcome?

Acupuncture is all about finding imbalances between Yin (cold) and Yang (hot) within the body, as when these 2 substances are out of balance, ill health is the result.  During the consultation process, 10 questions about the bodily systems are asked, and these are (in no particular order) Sleep, Sweat, Head & Face, Pain, Elimination, Thirst/appetite/taste, Fever/chills, Thorax/abdomen, Gynecological, Health/medical history.  From these questions and their answers I was able to pick up a small number of imbalances to treat, plus areas of possible concern going forward.  I was able to advise of changes to diet and lifestyle to prevent this or that becoming a problem; in short, advice to keep these patients well.

The result for these patients was better knowledge of their health and how to maintain it not just from the Western but also from the Eastern perspective as well.  Each had just 3 or 4 treatments a week apart, and have agreed to future appointments 2 or 3 times a year of just one or 2 visits each time for health maintenance going forward just as the Chinese have been doing for centuries.

So, to conculde, visiting a Southampton Acupuncurist can improve your health no end. There may be underlying conditions that you are unaware of. Perhaps they have even plagued you your whole life.

Western medicine will advise us to take the pain killer, as it can guarantee the result you desire – a lack of pain. But this measure is temporary and can cause further problems such as pain killer dependency, kidney and liver disfunction and further headaches and pain!

We are finding Massage clients who have used Massage to deal with every day pain and imbalance are getting amazing results with a short course of Acupuncture. The combination of Massage and Acupuncture can bring about total well being.

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