Thai Massage Information

Below is a bit more information about Thai Massage and where is comes from and how it works. If you’re interested in booking a Thai Massage, please follow the link Thai Massage Southampton. Or you can call us on 02380 639 747 or use our online enquiry form.

How Thai Massage Works

The underpinning philosophy supporting Thai Massage concerns opening the various energy channels in the body (also referred to as “wind channels”) in the body in order to improve the general flow of energy and restore wellbeing. Thai Massage works along what is known the “Sen lines”; these have similarities to “energy meridians” which are often implemented in different massage techniques such as Shiatsu and Acupressure, another energy releasing treatment we provide. In terms of it’s relation to Acupressure though, Thai Massage incorporates in a lot more yoga like stretching and rotation with the pressure point techniques, Acupressure simply works the pressure points along the channels.

Thai massage does tend to be very firm but should not be painful. It is a holistic treatment so works on the entire body and usually lasts at least an hour, it is not uncommon to have a treatment lasting two hours, although we would recommend an hour for your first treatment. This is a great treatment for people who want to experience a different type of massage and is particularly good for those that enjoy deep pressure or are quite sporty.

Please follow this link to find out What to Expect From Your Thai Massage.

History of Thai Massage

The origins of Thai Massage go back thousands of years and techniques have been passed on down the generations through practical demonstration with very little being written down. In 1836 King Rama III decreed that carvings and inscriptions of ancient arts and sciences, including massage should be collected and kept at The temple of Wat Po in Bangkok, Thailand.

The temple now contains writings and 60 diagrams of the energy or Sen lines which are worked on during a Traditional Thai massage as well as massage therapy for different illnesses and problems. Today Wat Po is a leading school in the art of Traditional Thai Massage. The therapy has strong links to the ancient Indian practice of Ayurveda and is thought to have been largely developed using similar philosophies due to the introduction of the Buddist faith into Thailand from India. Some people credit Shivago Komarpaj as the founder of Traditional Thai massage, he is said to have been the personal physician to Buddha.

No one really knows when or where this ancient art form of Thai Massage started but given the variety of techniques used and the differences of styles between regions it is unlikely that it was started by one person.

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