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Bamboo Massage Southampton

Are you in need of a Deep Tissue Massage in Southampton? Get even deeper with a Bamboo Massage, a few of our excellent Massage Therapists offer these techniques to our Remedial Massage range!

Bamboo Massage is unqiue and, as you may have gathered, uses Bamboo sticks to roll out and break down hard areas of tension, tight muscles or boost areas of poor circulation and nourishment.

Ideal for relieving the source of your tension, a Bamboo Massage will follow the pattern of your tension and follow fascia lines to free up your entire posture! Add Hot Stones in a 90minute Sticks and Stones combo to get even deeper still! Contact us today and book with our experts

How it Works

Bamboo Massage is a popular new treatment to hit the western spas and salons.  Taking deep tissue to another level, bamboo massage entails the therapist using their hands to warm the muscles then using the bamboo sticks to work deeper where tension as built up, focusing on those ever forming knots.

The Bamboo stick techniques is perfect for releasing large and stubborn areas of tension across the back and whole body. Once muscles are warmed sticks are rolled and manipulated over soft tissues to break up tight muscle and connective tissue fibres.

Bamboo massage originates from China, and what may seem like a new approach to massage to us, it has been used for many years with simple body works in the east.

Combine with Hot Stones!

Sticks and Hot Stones Massage

Hot Stones are used frequently at YOU Massage Therapy and in Massage practices world over to highly effectively soften hard muscular tesnion, boost circulation and toxin disposal and relax tight areas. It's the perfect companion to our NEW Bamboo Soft Tissue Therapy as the sticks are only incorporated once the tissues are warmed.

The Hot Stones provide 6 x deeper penetration the the tissues, softening and drawing fluid through the muscles, as well as totally relaxing you, it's like a big fluffy blanket has been wrapped around you, so comforting! The sticks can then penetrate the muscle fibres, 'ironing' out kinks and crossed fibres that cause little knots and hold muscles tight. The stones are then brought back to give soothing effluerage to the muscles, draining lymph to draw out toxins and calming the tissues for optimum healing

When Bamboo Massage is not advised:

If you have any of the health conditions in the list below, Deep Tissue Massage is not appropriate. Feel free to contact us for more information on why. Do not proceed with Deep Tissue Massage if you have:

Heart Disease; Rheumatoid Arthritis (Osteoarthritis is OK); Inflammatory Spinal Conditions such as Spondylitis; Severe Respiratory Disorders; Cerebral Palsy; Diabetes; Epilepsy; Very High Blood Pressure; Recent Injury such as Whiplash or tear; or if you are Pregnant.

We will normally offer a much gentler form of Massage Therapy as an alternative for you, there are some conditions where even gentle massage may not be suitable, click here to read about more serious contra-indications.



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