Waxing for men

Waxing for men has become so popular, and common.   Men are choosing the fuzz free option, because, not only does it feel nicer to be hair free, but a hair free back, underarms, and body makes the sensation of clothes feel much nicer, and also reduces perspiration significantly.

Because waxing removes the hair from the root, and not just the surface of the skin, regular waxing will soften the hair – making it finer, and more sparse.  The organic, and cruelty free Ashmira Botanica wax, and

products, is one of the UK’s leading brands.   At YOUmassage, we use Wild Violet Strip Wax and Mulberry Peelable Wax.

Not only will you receive the highest quality treatment, but your skin will feel like it’s just had a Spa day.  YOU waxing combines holistic with hair removal!

The after care products will not only nourish the skin, but they will also help prevent any ingrown hairs, and even slow the hair growth process down.

What do I wear to my treatment?
Loose and cottony, so that you skin can breathe comfortably after treatment.
Will it stay red for long?
No. Redness resulting from waxing goes within a couple of hours.
How often do I have to wax?
Every 4-6 weeks. The hair needs to be 5mm or ¼ inch in length for the wax to adhere. Hair grows at different rates – therefore some men have their waxing done every 3 – 8 weeks, but on average, plan for a 4 week cycle for best results.
Does the hair ever stop growing?
Yes it does, with regular waxing over time.
Can I wax my nose and ears?
Yes.  We use a delightful Mulberry non-strip wax, and an amazing technique.
You cannot have waxing if the skin is sunburnt.

Tips before waxing:

On your first visit there will be a consultation, so please let us know if you are taking any of the following:

  • Oral acne medication, using topical treatments on your back like Retin-A, or if you are exfoliating your back with strong products that contain salicylic acid, white willow bark, or glycolic acid.

Please do not use sunbeds, and tanning booths 48 hours before, and after your waxing treatment.

Please gently exfolitate a day or two before your waxing treatment to remove any unwanted dead skin cells.  Do not use any harsh scrubs on the day of treatment.

To book your treatment call the studio on 02380 639 747 or book online

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