What makes Ashmira so special

‘’Having a wax at YOUmassage is more of a Holistic treatment”

 At YOUmassage, we use Ashmira Botanica, designed to make waxing a first class experience from start to finish.  Ashmira Botanica is tough on hair, but gentle on the skin.

At YOU Massage Therapy we use two waxes, which are the Wild Violet Strip Wax, and Mulberry Peelable. The beautiful Mulberry is a non-strip peelable wax which is gentle and effective to the sensitive areas of skin. Most effective on face, underarms, bikini, and all intimate areas.  It can be also used anywhere on the body.

Ashmira Botanica was created by Tracey Smith – a Therapist for many years, and the ‘’Wax daddy of the UK,   Andy Rouillard . from the well known Axiom Academy.

ASHMIRA BOTANICA Waxes and products are organic, and completely cruelty free.

Every product is founded on a base of three natural oils and butters: argan oil, hazelnut waxing in southamptonoil and cupuacu butter, which have been picked for their amazing ability to nourish, repair and protect the skin. Some of the amazing ingredients used in the Ashmira products are, “Refreshing cucumber, mandarin with basil, and exotic orange and sandalwood are just some of the lovely aromas in the product range – giving a Spa like feel to Waxing!  Many clients have commented on these, and thoroughly enjoy the home-care range, not only for the amazing benefits they give, but due to the aromas too.”

Ashmira Botanica is so unique – there is nothing else currently like it on the market, and feedback from customers is amazing!

The waxes are not sticky, and with the added formula of Mulberry in the non-strip wax, it means that waxing is far more comfortable.  The waxes we use at YOU massage are beautifully sparkly, but more importantly, the luxurious textures, and fragrances really do make the waxing experience a delight.

Some of the benefits of our wonderful Waxing range:

  • Our beautiful pre and post care products are real skin care treatments, packed full of botanicals, free from parabens, and mineral oil, and are vegan
  • The products are multi-functional, and excellent value for money.
  • After wax lotions, for example, include plant extracts proven to slow hair regrowth.
  • The ingrown hair serum features ingredients that inhibit melanin production.
  • Minimize the appearance of hyper-pigmentation often associated with ingrown hairs.

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