Organic Facials: Why They’re Great and Why You Deserve One!

Having a facial deeply cleanses the skin, gets rid of dead skin cells so that it glows, and also gives you a chance to relax with a bit of well-deserved pampering. Take the benefits even further by going organic.


Beauty Mantra: ‘If you can’t eat it, don’t put it on your face!’

168 – that’s the number of ingredients in skincare and beauty products that the average woman puts on her face daily. Quite scary! Even more so if you consider that up to 70 per cent of the products lathered onto your skin become absorbed into the bloodstream. Such statistics make you realize just how important it is to focus on organic ingredients. This should not only apply to your beauty box but also the skincare treatments you treat yourself with, such as facials.


Organic facials contain naturally occurring ingredients, such as extracts from fruits, vegetables and flowers. For instance, a facial can provide exfoliation to the skin with the use of extracts such as papaya; alternatively, a boost of essential oils repair and hydrate the skin.


The most beneficial part about organic skin care products and treatments is that you aren’t putting chemicals on your face or in your body. Bear in mind your skin can also react negatively to non-organic facials if you are allergic to any of their ingredients and there are side-effects that can be experienced, such as breakouts, redness or blotchiness. By choosing an organic facial, you minimize the risks.

Especially For You


What also helps is that organic facials are tailored to your specific skin type so that you get the right one for you, which improves its efficiency. An example is the Organic Mini Facial that freshens up your skin by cleansing, toning and moisturizing it, with ingredients enhancing your skin according to your skin type. It’s also washed away with a natural sponge. Beautifully organic from start to finish!


The Bigger, Beautiful Picture 


One of the recent trends in skincare is that of holistic skin treatments.Holistic skin care is all about how to maintain the health of your physical, mental and spiritual being so that you can gain all-round wellness.


A holistic facial can include a massage that helps to invigorate the skin while also giving you a scalp massage. This helps to improve your circulation so that both your hair and skin quality is replenished in one go! Of course, the emotional and mental benefits exist, too – you will feel de-stressed by the treatments.


Hands Turn Back the Clock


The use of organic ingredients is not the only way in which you can treat yourself to a skin-boosting facial. There’s also the massage element to the treatments that can provide you with a natural facelift.


Massage is not just about eliminating pressure and stress from the body; it is also a valuable tool to help you add youthfulness to your appearance. Again, it’s all about the importance of blood flow! When pressure is applied to the face with the fingers, the movements enhance blood flow to the capillaries, carrying vitamins and oxygen to the skin’s tissues.


Try a Organic, Holistic Facial that helps to clear your skin for a greater complexion, get rid of skin issues such as puffiness, while also alleviate health conditions such as headaches and jaw pain.


The next time you want to refresh your skin, choose an organic facial with natural elements to give you a vibrant appearance that’s also focused on inner wellbeing. After all, when your inner and outer world are in harmony, you redefine what it means to be gorgeous.

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