Massage and Productivity

When most people think of doing anything, their first concern is almost always either the cost or the time. There are so many people that miss out on really good things because they believe it will cost them to much money, or take up to much time. More often than not people will use this excuse to miss out on what they consider luxuries and things that they think aren’t essential.

These luxuries they think only the rich enjoy and would only consider them when they’ve won the lottery or discover oil in their back gardens. Luxuries like Boats, first class travel, theatre trips, fancy food, and a regular massage. Some of these things are realistically out of our price ranges and others a bit to extravagant (like Kobe beef, you know that beef from a cow that’s spent its life being pampered, like I can’t even tell much difference sirloin and t-bone steak) Anyway, what if I told you some of these things are accessible, and shouldn’t be seen as a luxuries…


What if I told you massages are free!? It’s a bit unbelievable isn’t it? Can’t be true? Well its not, YOU CAN ACTUALLY MAKE MONEY HAVING A MASSAGE!!!!!!.

Sounds a little bit to good to be true, doesn’t it?

Well give me a minute and let me explain how it works


Researchers from the University of Miami’s School of medicine studied the effects of massage on back pain and sleep disturbance. The massage therapy group, reported experiencing less pain, depression, anxiety and sleep disturbance than those that didn’t get massage, these benefits on their own are worth paying for, but that’s not the most interesting part… Further studies have shown that from these benefits workers had a massive 70% increase in productivity!! I mean are you serious 70% more productivity!! From one 60 minute treatment a week they almost doubled their productivity!!


How far could that go, what could you do if you could do twice as much in one day? If your expecting a promotion in 3 years, you could get it in 1 and a half, if you earn commission you could get twice as much, if you just have to get a job done then you could do it in half the time and have so much more free time to pursue your ‘other interests’ You could even spend more time with the wife and kids…. Or the PS3.


So next time you book a massage try not to see it a just a luxury, even though it they can be quite luxurious (try a hot stones massage) but try seeing it as more of an investment.


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