Online Osteopathy Consultation

We are very pleased to be able to offer you Online Osteopathic Consultations, via secure Zoom, face to face with one of our highly qualified practitioners, in the comfort of your own home
Here, Tim introduces a little as to why this is an effective therapy to provide online, to help remedy pain and tension from your own home

What is Osteopathy?

Although Osteopathy is a very hands on form of treatment, what makes Osteopathy such an effective form of manual therapy is our case history taking. Using our extensive knowledge of anatomy, physiology and neurology we can shape our questioning to gain information, this leads us to an understanding of what is possibly causing pain and tension in the body, allowing us to apply a very focused treatment.

An Osteopathy consultation can be split into three stages;
– Case history and examination
– Treatment
– Home exercises/rehab.
Each process is as important as each other. The case history/examination tells us what is going on, the treatment helps ease pain and improve body function and home exercise/ rehab is designed to maintain the effects of the treatment and/or reduce pain and re-injury.
There will be limitations to an online Osteopathy consultation,  however 2 of the 3 stages can easily be met (the case history and home exercises). I feel this service can help with pain, improve body function and reduce stress.
Pain in these strange and stressful times can become a real burden and with this online service my aim is to ease this burden and potentially take a little strain off our amazing NHS.
The price is £30 for around 30 minutes and payment will be arranged to be collected by therapist prior to your appointment

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