Indian Head massage Now and Then

Deeply Relaxing Indian Head MassageHello, Lynn here. Melissa, Nikki and I all practice the wonderful art of Indian Head Massage at YOU  Massage, Southampton. Indian Head Massage is not only good for the hair but can relieve tension, eye strain and stress; helping relieve migraines and tension headaches by working the many pressure points around the neck, scalp and face.  Today the treatment has evolved to include the back and arms, areas that also carry the weight of today’s stresses that affect us all. In this post I’ll talk a little about it’s application past and present…

Indian Head Massage, also known as Champissage, stems from ancient Indian Medicine and has been around for centuries.  In college we were taught that mothers passed this tradition down to their sons, however, popular belief is that mothers’ massaged their daughters’ scalps to encourage the their hair growth using a mixture or oils and spices! Indian practice of medicine, called Ayurveda, is based on balancing the body, mind and spirit to promote a long life using massage of all types, with herbs, spices and oils; promoting strong muscles and skin, good health and encouraging the body’s natural healing powers.

In my travels aroundAsiaI have been lucky enough to experience this adapted treatment inChinaandThailandbefore having my hair cut, and I know we all love that experience of having our scalp massaged before its cut.  I’ve also enjoyed the treatment in its home country too in thevillageofPushkarand, I tell you, the strength these women have in their hands is an experience in itself!  The use of oils and spices create an aroma that sends you into a deep relaxation.

Popular traditional oils to use are coconut oil for dry skin, mustard oil to generate heat to stimulate the circulation, almond oil for muscle aches, sesame oil to prevent greying and olive oil to reduce swelling. At YOU, we tend not to use oils because most people prefer us not to, although, if you are going straight home afterwards indulge in and Indian Head Massage enhanced with Aromatherapy and we’ll tailor make a fresh blend for you!

As a practitioner of Indian Head massage I incorporate Reiki and working with the chakras into my treatments for an enhanced experience.  Chakras are said to be force wheels of energies and I work through the chakras to balance the mind, body and soul and use Reiki to promote healing and remove negative energies.

The treatment can be performed over clothing without oils or enhanced with oils and incorporated into an Indian Head and Full Body Massage or an Indian Head and Back Massage for a more Holistic experience, tracing the pattern of tension through the body.

Why not book one of these treatments today for yourself or a loved one and have the relaxation you deserve.  Expect an instant relief from headaches and extreme relaxation, the face and head have so many nerve endings and intricate web of muscles which is why it feel so amazing to be massaged!


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