Thai Herbal Hot Compress

thai compressIf you are looking for that something special or a little different from your usual aromatherapy massage than Thai Hot compresses is for you.  These compresses contains various herbs that blend together nicely that when heated and used directly onto the skin can relieve sprains, strains and stiffness whilst stimulating the blood flow that allows nutrients to get to vital organs.  The treatment will also lower blood pressure creating a very relaxing sensation, brilliant for those who suffer with high blood pressure or stress.

Thai Hot compress is still used today by Thai physicians and old school doctors to improve the immune system, to relax and heal strained tendons and muscles,  to stimulate blood circulation, to decrease fat that accumulates in the body, to help recover from fatigue and most importantly balancing health during illness. Thai hot compress massage is very beneficial.


The herbal compresses are made up of herbs with properties for muscle aches and skin problems.  All herbs in Thai compresses will be mixed with camphor, which acts as a carrier that brings out the properties of the herbs so they can permeate into the tissues.person thai compress


Popular herbs found in Thai Hot Compresses


Turmeric is good for fever, skin problems, diarrhoea, reducing rashes, healing wounds and removing impurities inside the body.


Kaffir lime is good for coughs, aches and pains as well as extinguishing body odour.


Lemon grass is used to reduce blood pressure and fevers.


Wild cinnamon is used to reduce fast heart rate, colds, nose bleeds and removes gas from the intestines.


Tamarind is used to remove blood and gas from inside the intestines and to stimulate the blood circulation.


Dee-Plee, an Indian long pepper is used as a remedy for stomach pains.


tummy painsNhad-Yai, Camphor tree has a strong smell that relieves stiff muscles, arthritis, stomach aches, numbness, stops bleeding and nourishes the body after child birth.


Meet Elizabeth our Thai Hot Compress Masseuse


Book today for a relaxing and reviving treatment of Thai hot compress with qualified therapist, Elizabeth. Elizabeth


Thai Hot compress can be incorporated into a hot oil massage or over light lose clothing whilst performing Thai massage, a treatment that uses stretches and pressure points to increase flexibility and loosen stiff muscles, and balances the body working along the Sen lines of the body.


Currently Elizabeth works Monday evenings, Tuesday and Wednesday mornings, however she works extra hours when therapists are on holiday. You can also see Elizabeth on a Saturday or Sunday every other weekend.


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