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Can you quite believe that we have now got through January and heading fast into February which of course is the month of LOVE

Who doesn’t love a little bit of romance? Booking yourself and someone you love in for a massage for Valentine ’s Day in or around that day couldn’t be a more lovely and sweet gift for someone.Couples Massage Southampton

Massage has many benefits for you and your loved one:

  • Reduces stiffness
  • Increases energy levels
  • Stabilizes blood pressure
  • Reduces swelling
  • Increases better sleep patterns
  • Speeds up the healing process
  • Helps depression & anxiety
  • Helps clear colds and illnesses
  • Makes you feel better in your general well being
  • Better connection between you both
  • Bonding time
  • Alone time
  • No kids around just some adult time
  • Perfect excuse for some ‘me’ time

Why is Couple’s Massage wonderful

If your choosing to have a massage with your spouse for a romantic treat then this is the ideal gift , it will allow perfect bonding time along with yourself and loved one having a sense of purpose and reassurance that you are in the same room together , maybe your both like passing ships in the night and just so tired to have any time together so having a massage will allow you both to catch up on some rest as a 60 minute massage is the same as 6 hours sleep but on top of this your both having some time together which can be greatly overshadowed for a healthy stable relationship.

During a massage people are literally driven to let go of the past and relax which stops them from worrying about if they have put on the washing or done this and that which in return forces a couple to reconnect whilst they focus on the present instead of everything else meaning it can be easier to do so outside of a massage session almost like therapy but in a much more relaxing and less emotional way although massage is working on your emotional and physical needs.

Massage releases the feel-good hormone which can insanely make a couple a lots more affectionate towards each other forgetting about that silly augment about why the kids did this or that and let’s not forget couples massage doesn’t need to just be for spouses it can be for mother & daughters, Fathers & Sons, Siblings, grandparents whoever feels they can do with some bonding time together it can be as romantic and less romantic as you want it to be. I find the only way me and my best friend can get any time together amongst raising our boys is going for a spa night on a Friday night and having massages together, in a way it’s the new ‘going out’ getting drunk Friday night routine but instead we’re getting drunk on feel-good feelings and much more we’re actually waking up without a hangover the next day and feeling fabulous.

I think couples massage, for couples in which both partners find the idea interesting, can offer an avenue to that shared adventure which having it together that experience won’t be able to be felt elsewhere bringing one another better connected. Book yourselves in today by calling 02380 639747

£44 per person (same room)

£40 per person (separate room











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