Fascial lines

What is Fascia?

Fascia is continuous throughout the body.  It holds everything in place and gives us our form.  Using the Superficial Back Line as an example- what occurs in the foot, may actually be creating the postural stress in our body. The memory of any accidents we may have had, poor postural habits and any physical and emotional trauma we have experienced can be stored and set in the connective tissue. Fascia works out in different issue around how we conducing our body posture.    Tight fascia affects the whole organism. The Structural imbalance of our skeletal can create many obtrusion in human mechanic system.


Our body shape has many type of fascia:

  1. Adipose fascia
  2. Areola fascia
  3. Axial fascia
  4. Visceral fascial
  5. Role of fascia and others…


Our body including tendons, ligaments also the fascia surrounding muscles, even muscle cells, bones, internal organs. Fascia is what gives the body structural. It very important looks after posture. How this can affect our muscles elasticity or articulation. Read more to how it works by The Bowen Technique


Our Body mechanic fascia line


There many muscles linking each other and demonstrate how the fascia line should work in our body mechanic.  Fascia is a tension distributor of stress force to prevent localized damage or trauma; this helps muscles be more efficient. Fascia is an adaptive matrix that responds to any tension that occurs nearby. Many injuries that we call muscle injuries are actually damage to fascia. If fascia is stuck or sliding incorrectly it will limit mobility as it compresses the muscle (constriction).

It is very important focus in how important is keep or posture in our body shape. With fascia massage we can stretch the body shape getting better elasticity, connect muscle tissue,   work in your muscle tone and help a  lot in you aid muscles strength and function. So if our body fascia is in poor condition, dehydrated or injured then this has a significant effect on muscle function and their performance. Either through injury or lifestyle, when there is a prolonged period of inactivity with lack of movement, tiny fibrous bonds start to form, binding the fascia together with adjacent tissues.



Massage benefice

 Myofascia release therapy is a technique designed to soothe clients with soft-tissue. Using myofascia technique massage or add into different treatment can usually cause a goof effect in muscle, articulations connect tissue and others things. Look for elasticity in the muscles; work in stretching and moving articulation. Work as a good combination too.  Therapists work to relieve tension in the fascia. Myofascia release can address health complaints such as TMJ, chronic back pain, headaches, strains, and carpal tunnel syndrome and others.


In you massage therapy we provide this treatment in many clients that appear with many muscles issues or body shape injuries. Most clients are satisfied with the result of the technique and also they learn about their body shape, posture and stretcher exercises what are very important for keep our body in the best form for our good life style.   

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