Exercise Ideas – by Southampton Physiotherapist – Phil

Body Weight Exercises

Simple exercises using body weight and requiring minimal or no equipment are often the best as they use the body’s natural bio-mechanics and levers and are often functional. That is, they combine strength, endurance, mobility and balance.  This gives all round conditioning which may help performance and reduce the risk of injury in sports but also allows the participant to become generally fitter.

As skill is also needed, they require concentration, coordination and “mindfulness”.  This is where coaching can come in handy to assure good form, there is a lot to consider.

These exercises are also time efficient as they are compound exercises and so use many muscle groups and combine the facets of fitness listed above.  So, if you’re short of time and the weather is too bad to go out, they can be done in a small area like your lounge.

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Below is an example of some body-weight exercises.







Turkish Get Up












Split squat





Mountain climber



Whatever your goals, whether you are running a marathon this year, working long hours or just around after the kids, getting strong is a way to improve performance and reduce the risk of injury.  And when the weather is bad, or if you are short of time, it is easy to do a worthwhile circuit of exercises inside.

Time effective exercises that combine strength, muscle endurance, mobility, cardio and balance are even better!

In a small amount of time the complete body can be exercised using these compound exercises.  This all-round conditioning can add variety to training and improve performance for your chosen sport.  Most sports also work in multiple-planes so again exercises should reflect this.


Squats, double and single, overhead, Bulgarian, split

Calf raises

Single leg balance with medicine ball throwing

Press ups in all their forms

Planks – front, reverse, side, with movement

Hopping, plyometrics

Lunge matrix


More info on all these exercises are coming very soon, including a live Q+A with our Physio, Phil, on Wednesday 20th Feb 2019 from 6:30pm

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