Introducing new Sports Massage Therapist – Ali

sports massage weight lifter

Hi! My name is Ashraf Ali, and you can call me Ali, I run Optimal Sport Massage from YOU Massage & Therapy Centre at weekends. I’m a Sports massage therapist and a Chiropractor in training at Bournemouth AECC

My interest in sport from a young age has led me to train as a Chiropractor and a massage therapist. I have learned a lot of about avoiding injuries and self-treatment methods from playing rugby for years and competing in Powerlifting.

On top of this, I am constantly looking for ways to broaden my knowledge, using my studies as a chiropractic student, to help you reach your goals. Whether that means being more mobile for sport or just to keep away the aches and pains from everyday activity, I have a vast knowledge that is continually growing and I will work hard to help you resolve your problems.

I offer holistic, deep tissue and sport massage depending on the needs of the person. I will be using a variety of techniques to provide a massage specific to your needs!

I am offering £10 off all treatments from 10th February to 24th February 2019!sports massage weight lifter

Book online now – find Ali’s offer in the Special Offer Section

I look forward to meeting you and help you be a better you!

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