Reiki DISTANCE Healing with Iwona

Due to the our current closure during COVID-19, we are dedicated to delivering comprehensive online consultations and treatments. Here, Iwona explains to you her Reiki DISTANCE healing Service, now available

Reiki is a traditional energy healing treatment, and can be conducted remotely by a trained practitioner

Reiki produces a feeling of calmness and well-being.

The benefits of a Reiki treatment are numerous and are always positive.


This is especially good for those who suffer from insomnia, stress, anxiety, angerdepression, headaches, migraines, being overwhelmed with thoughts, overactive heart problems and even broken bones or burned skin.

All I need to know for distant Reiki session, is your name, age, area, where do you live and the nature of the problem. Your picture, face up to the waist would be helpful for me.

Please book ‘Distance Healing’ with me Online

Please pay me directly for your session (£20 please) at

We will meet on Zoom (download required) to discuss your treatment. I will then advise you to go somewhere peaceful with technology turned off and perform the healing session

The only requirement is for you give your PERMISSION and HEARTFELT WILL  to receive healing energy that aims to release blockages. You will need to be still, quiet, relaxed, calm and peaceful. Therefore, you need to be resting for the appointment. Your body can then be allowed to begin the healing process. You can listen the calm, relaxing music or without music if the session is in the evening because most probably you will fall asleep.

Reiki is a gentle, safe and effective healing treatment that activates the body’s own natural ability to heal itself.  Everyone can benefit from Reiki, no matter the age, no matter the health state, from newborn babies to adults, also safe for pregnant women.  Also animals are very receptive and react beautifully for Reiki. It can be 30 minutes, 60 minutes or recommended 45 minutes treatment.

It can be done with a gentle touch or hands-off or remotely – distant healing when the practitioner to the recipient are far from each other as the energy follows the thought and the thought is unlimited.

Reiki energy is sent with positive intention for the best possible outcome.

You can feel some sensations in the body or uncontrolled body movements. Reiki energy will work anyway, whether someone has a sensation or not. The only response of your body might be the calmness. 

Whilst receiving the treatment, emotions may be released, as the energy clears blockages. Please allow your body to react in its own way and allow yourself to release whatever holds you back.

Namaste, Iwona

To book or for further information, please visit our website:

Or call us on 02380 639 747 and leave us a message, we are still checking messages intermittently so please allow a couple of days for us to return your call. 

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