Meet Tom, New Massage, Reiki, Reflexology Therapist

Hi my name is Tom ‘The New Guy’, but you can just call me Tom. I Joined the YOU Massage team at the start of 2023. You’ll see me on the front desk and on the phone when I’m not in treatment so most of you will have the displeasure of my company. All joking aside, I’m here to help both on the admin side and as a therapist.


I offer Holistic, Swedish and Deep Tissue Massages, as well as Aromatherapy, Reflexology and Reiki (primarily with crystals). My favourites being a toss up between Deep Tissue and Reiki, despite them being at pretty much polar ends of the spectrum.

I Like deep tissue because personally I think there is nothing better than a client coming in with an ache, pain or knot but at the end saying how much better it feels or how much range of motion they have regained.

Honestly, I think this comes from having a mum who suffered chronic back pain due to an old spinal injury, if it wasn’t for the masseuses and chiropractors she saw whilst I was growing up, I know life would have been a lot harder and much more painful for her. So I like being able to help people in the same position because I know first hand how much a difference it makes. It may not always be the most relaxing treatment but the benefits outweigh this drawback.

On the other hand I enjoy Reiki as I believe it is  great to keep in someone’s mental/spiritual health tool kit. Reiki (‘Rei’ meaning universal and ‘Ki’ meaning energy or life force) is a traditional energy healing technique originally developed by Tibetan monks, it was picked up and popularised by Mikao Usui in 1800s Japan. The idea is that the practitioner works with universal energies to rebalance the energy of the client, help flush out negative energies from trauma or picked up from others, or as maintenance as part of someone’s own energetic or spiritual practices. Personally I Like to use crystals alongside Reiki and I believe their energies to be complementary to the process as a whole.
Feel free to say ‘hi’ if you’re in for a treatment with one of our other amazing therapists, or ask about any of the treatments I offer, or if you just generally need help with any of our services or booking tools. I Promise I am really friendly, I just suffer from resting B- face.
Do you want some Reiki but also have muscle pain? Why chose what to address first, when you can have both togther ?! A combination treatment of deep tissue massage (to target tension, aches and pains) and Reiki (for mind and soul balancing), to bring body and soul together and treat your whole being to some well needed TLC.

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