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By admin Feb 10, 2020

Hey, my name is Aarti the Osteopath, but you can call me Aarti!
I’m the newest member of the YOU massage therapy team!







As an Osteopath, the aim is to ensure your body is at its best form to optimise everything you do and prevent injury and where injury done occurs- find the source and accommodate healing.

The number of techniques to use are endless depending on your aims and issues;

– Mobilisation- articulating a joint to increase its movement


– Manipulation/Adjustments- ‘The Clicking Thing’ nudging a joint to move more- the noise is actually not indicative of the technique’s efficacy


– Neural flossing- allowing the nerves to move more freely in between muscle


– Soft tissue massage such as lymphatic drainage or effleurage– ensuring blood and lymph flow are optimal to ensure cell nutrition and waste disposal


– Neuromuscular techniques- tells the body ‘hey! There’s no need for a knot here! Go away!’


– Traction- bringing space in between joints


Anywayy, you get the point, a lot of techniques for all the different bones, muscles, joints, nerves, ligaments and tendons in your body.

So, if you’ve been finding hard to do daily tasks, if you’ve been a long-term sufferer and you’ve had enough, or even if you’ve always been curious about your movement and posture…

Book a session with me and see what I can do for you!
I hope to see you soon!

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