What Massages are popular in Southampton and Why?

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There have been a lot of changes in the health industry in the last few decades and awareness for the credibility of Massage as a health practice continues to grow and develop. A lot of new or previously rarer therapies have been getting more attention because of this, with medical research being done into the benefits of certain massage styles, and techniques being modified and tailored to compliment research findings.

Massage is suitable for prevention and cure for many conditions and injury. Part of its effect is to allow our muscles and other tissues to function to the best of their ability by breaking down sticky fascia that binds us and releasing tight areas of scar tissue or adhesion; this, in turn, soothes aches and pains and increases flexibility.

Here we talk about our most popular massages and the effects they have on our bodies…

Sport and Remedial / Deep Tissue Massage in Southampton

Remedial Massage is just that, Massage applied to ‘Remedy’ something. Remedial Massage techniques are direct and firm to release often long standing tension. At YOU Massage therapy, all of our therapists are qualified in Remedial Massage Techniques and apply them during Sport and Deep Tissue Massage.

Deep Tissue Massage  is YOU Massage Therapy’s most popular massage style and uses a variety of Swedish, Remedial and Eastern techniques. It is designed to relieve built up tension, stress, knotting, and scar tissue from the tissues; and leaves the receiver with a deep feeling of increased mobility, relaxation, and the feeling of achievement that accompanies the release of long-term tension. You should only ever get a Deep Tissue Massage from a therapist with qualification and experience as it needs to be applied accurately to be effective.

Deep Tissue Massage is often recommended by Doctors in cases such as sciatica pain or of post operative scar tissue removal, also effective in cases of constipation. The techniques of deep tissue massage when applied correctly to the digestive tract can assist the travel of food through the large intestine and break down the fascia that can hold the system tight and thus narrow the tract.  Once again, this is an assistance that is able to give the results without adding the complications that medical drugs can often lead to.  Recently we’ve added the combination of Deep Tissue Massage and Hot Stones Massage, effective and popular as the heat from the stones draws blood into tight areas; massage balances the flow of these fluids which reduces inflammation – leading to even deeper muscular relaxation and release.

Sports Massage is a technique initially derived for athletic and muscular individuals who undergo frequent strain, but can benefit literally anyone when applied correctly. YOU Massage Therapy offer discounts to most local gym members as it’s very important to take care of your body if you enjoy exercise regularly. Sport Massage was used by the Russian Olympic teams in the 1980’s, and has been proven in subsequent studies to have played a part in the success of this, and other, teams, comparatively. Sports Massage can prepare the muscles, ligaments and tendons for activity by warming them (increasing blood flow) which in turn increases muscle energy. Also, straightening out fibres, reducing scar tissue and therefore the probability of injury. Post event, it can reduce lactic acid build-ups remaining, and relax and release tension from muscles that may have occurred during training.  Most gyms and high profile Sports teams are now affiliated with a Massage Therapist, and most of these will have Sports and Remedial Massage training.


Lymphatic Massage in Southampton

Massage aids the circulation and therefore the dispersal of inflammation as well as the delivery of essential oxygen and nutrients to the tissues. One particular style of massage used in frequently in hospitals is Lymph Drainage Massage – designed to increase the flow and drainage of lymph fluid, which collects toxins and debris along it’s flow, delivering proteins and nutrients, and thus reduce cellular waste build-up. Lymph Drainage Massage is often given to help patients with kidney or heart problems whose systems have trouble expelling lymph fluid without assistance. It’s also often given to post Cancer treatment patients whose immune system requires a boost in removing toxins from the system. In cases where lymph nodes have been removed, Lymphoedema can occur which is presented as vast swelling, this massage will redirect the flow of the lymph to reduce painful swelling

In the past, people have regularly assumed that medication may be a better solution to a fluid retention problem. There are a number of diuretic aids that can help expel retained fluids, but the problem with these tablets is they are unable to discriminate between essential fluid and a build up of stagnant fluid and can dehydrate instead of just expelling localised fluid from the built up area. They can also interact with other medications and cause complications in some cases. Massage, when applied correctly, can focus specific areas in need of drainage, and will not have a chemical reaction with medication.


Relaxing Massage in Southampton

Our pampering and soothing Luxurious combinations as well as the Holistic Facials, Swedish Massage, Full Body Aromatherapy Massage and Hot Oils Massage; are all very popular at our studio. Many indulge in these treatments for a bit of time out and to unwind, but they are not only beneficial for relaxation and stress relief, there are many health benefits too!

Our Organic Holistic Facial and Scalp Massage is bespoke and truly balancing. Aside from the beauty benefits the fresh organic products have on our complexion, facial and scalp massage has a wonderful effect on our “relax and rejuvenate” system; there’s a combination of effects a bit of me time applied this beautifully has on the body and mind …

You may have heard about adrenalin, your “fight and flight” reaction (officially, the controlled by the sympathetic system) – this is your body’s way of protecting itself in times of stress.  Your senses (sight, hearing, etc.) become more acute, focussed, and attentive; your heart pumps harder to make sure that there is enough oxygen in your muscles in case you need to move quickly. Other systems of your body such as the digestion, lymphatic and excretion (waste disposal) work slower, to use less energy. We also think less carefully in times of stress, more prepared to react to the here and now, this is how you are able to jump clear of unexpected traffic, catch glasses before you even realise they are falling, and function on very little sleep in the lead up to a scary deadline or exam.  The sympathetic nervous system is designed to keep you safe and help you survive; these reactions can however impair your health if you are stressed for long periods of time.

Like most reactions in the body there does exist a complementary system for times of rest and rejuvenation, this is the parasympathetic system. When we feel safe and can take our guard down, the parasympathetic nervous system allows you to relax your eyes, think carefully, slow your breathing, and focus more on your internal care – digesting food, repairing cells and tissues, fighting inflammation and generally using energy and nutrients to repair and rejuvenate within the body. This system is vital to  prepare your body so that the next time you need your “fight and flight” system, it is at peak performance.

The parasympathetic nervous system is stimulated by comfort, warmth and quiet; Light massage stimulates the many nerve endings across the face and body, encouraging a state of relaxation. During a Holistic Facial, Swedish Massage or any other massage for relaxation allows your body time to prepare, rebuild, and rejuvenate itself ready for your next adventure! This in turn calms the production of adrenaline which makes us feel so tense and wound up, so the effects can last for a long time.


Rejuvenating Massage in Southampton

Massage can give you an energy boost believe it or not! The invigorating Indian Head Massage and Thai Massage apply stretches to the muscles and tissues; stretching allows blood and lymph to flow through the muscle, nourishing and collecting waste in one swoop! Pressure points when stimulated correctly also aid this flow, and it’s believed we have an energy force known as Chi flowing also through these points; you can certainly feel yourself topping up and evening out with energy! Tapotement “tapping” techniques are used to draw these fluids through the tissues all the way to the skin so that every area treated gets a full hit of oxygen, nourishment and energy! Indian Head Massage works the head, neck and shoulders, Our Southampton Thai Massage is always appied as a full body treatment to balance you out, yet certain techniques are used during Deep Tissue treatments for added benefit. Aromatherapy oils such as Lemon grass and Rosemary also have a positive effect on this stimulation, be cautious if you have existing circulatory problems though…


A Unique and Individual Massage

Your Massage Therapist will be able to get to know you and tailor your session around how you feel on the day! All our therapists are trained in a variety of Holistic, Remedial and Eastern styles so that they can offer a wide range of different experiences to you!

We could talk a lot more about why many people choose Massage at YOU Massage Therapy; but there are simply too many benefits to mention, and you’ll have your own individual reasons why massage could help you. Touch and conversation alone can have an overwhelming effect on our psyche. The warm, safe, comfortable surroundings, and knowledge that you’re in the hands of a professional give you every permission you need to let yourself relax. Many of us get used to our physical problems; a pain, area of swelling, shooting and tingling nervy pain, lack of mobility…but when you are freed from this burden the sense of relief can be rejuvenating and inspiring in so many ways. A great deal of us suffer with depression, anxiety and carry stress for years of our lives, just an hour here and there to let these thoughts slip away can free us from these conditions.


We think our Business continues to grow and Massage becomes more popular because people are being kinder to themselves and each other nowadays. Massage is a wonderful way of showing yourself or a loved one that you care, that body and mind health is important and that we all deserve a little time out now and then. If you’ve not tried these treatments before and would be interested in finding out more, ask any of our friendly Therapists, there’s always one of us on the end of the phone on 02380 639 747.


See you soon x


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