World Osteoporosis Day

Tomorrow is world Osteoporosis Day, there are over 3 million people in the United Kingdom alone who suffer with Osteoporosis, for many it is so severe that daily tasks  become very difficult and life can be frustrating as mobility is often affected when bones are broken.


Osteoporosis is the weakening of bone to the extent that the chances of breakages and fractures are more than average. As a person gets older the density of their bones decreases which is perfectly normal but for some their bone density decreases far more rapidly. It is often associated with menopausal women due to the changes in estrogen levels. But it can affect men, young women and even children. 

There are other health and lifestyle factors which can affect a person’s chance of developing osteoporosis, for example a family history may mean that the disease will be inherited. Certain diseases and medication can also cause bones to become weak. Certain lifestyle choices such as heavy alcohol consumption and smoking can also have an impact.

Osteoporosis can often go undiagnosed until an injury occurs, it may be just a simple fracture but for those with osteoporosis the healing process can be very lengthy and the chance of another breakage is high. Sometimes a fracture will occur from a sneeze  because the bones are so brittle. Although osteoporosis is not painful itself the breaks can be but also fractured vertebrae can lead to pain due to trapped nerves.

Massage and other holistic treatments like reflexology can be beneficial for those with osteoporosis they will not help improve bone density or get rid osteoporosis they can help alleviate associated problems.

For example massage helps to release tension, calm the nerves and reduce stress and anxiety. Increasing blood flow and lymph flow through massage can help with the healing process, in order for the bones to heal they need a good blood supply, increased lymph flow not only removes waste products from the body but also reduces inflammation and the excess lymph is removed from the area.  Massage encourages the body’s natural painkillers to set in; therefore massage can help reduce the amount of painkillers or anti-inflammatory tablets needed. Certain aromatherapy oils can be combined with massage to aid relaxation, reduce swelling, increase blood flow and reduce pain.

Reflexology is another treatment which is a little less invasive as it focuses on the feet, it is believed that reflexology helps to rebalance the body, improve circulation and aid with pain relief.

Here at YOU Massage Therapy we believe in tailoring time to your needs. Therefore is you have osteoporosis and are interested in a treatment we will first have a consultation so that we can create the perfect treatment for you needs.

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