Naomi joined YOU Massage Therapy in June 2011 and studied with Amy, the owner, 10 years ago. Naomi specialises in Deep Tissue, Lymphatic Drainage, Holistic Massage, Acupressure and Reflexology and helped to develop the YOU Massage Therapy Aromatherapy range.

Our Gift Vouchers

Deciding on a gift or a treat is not always the easiest thing to do especially if it’s a person who you haven’t known very long.  With Christmas coming up it’s time to start thinking about our loved ones and finding them the perfect gift to say Thank you and I love you. But where…

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Migraine: The invisible Illness

Hi Naomi here, this week is Migraine Awareness Week  – an issue that doesn’t get much coverage. For many people the frustration of a migraine can be detrimental to their overall wellbeing. I am not simply talking about the migraine itself but the misconception made by most people who do not suffer migraines. Migraines can…

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