Pre-Summer Beauty Treatments

relaxing nature blogSpring is the perfect time to take advantage of the changing weather and get your body prepped for summer. We’ve narrowed down some of our favourite pre-summer beauty treatments to have you looking and feeling your best by the time bikini season comes around!



Regular massages will help to drain toxins, smooth and tone the skin, break up fatty deposits in those stubborn areas and increase circulation. As we are heading into a season where so much more skin is exposed, smooth, dimple-free and well moisturized, glowing skin are the key to enjoying summertime. We have a few favourites that will have you not only refreshed, and invigorated, but that will also improve the texture of your skin.

Bamboo massage.

This unique and popular massage treatment uses bamboo sticks to roll out and break down areas of stress and tension, knots and tight muscles. It also boosts circulation and nourishment – vital tools when getting summer-ready.


release blogDeep tissue massage.

A deep tissue massage is specifically catered to your own needs. Your therapist will gently break down painful knots and tense areas using firm, strong strokes and movements. This type of massage is excellent at breaking down fat cells in areas that need a boost of circulation and a treatment to smooth dimpled areas.


Lymph drainage massage.

This type of massage is excellent not just for relaxation, but for detoxification too. Light, rhythmic movements will aid in the flow of the lymph, which is essentially the body’s waste system. This type of massage will reduce swelling, aid in the detox process and improve circulation. It especially useful for people who frequently catch colds, those who feel fatigued and sluggish, or people who often feel bloated. This massage is further enhanced by the use of essential oils which soothe and uplift, mind, body and soul.



A facial will help even out your skin tone, shrink pores and rid you of old, dry winter ravaged  skin. Your skin will need different skincare regimes for different times of the year, and a few facials to prep you as you head into summer will be the perfect way to figure out what would be best for your skin type.


There are so many luxurious, organic and natural face treatments. Organic bespoke facial and scalp massage to cleanse, tone, deep clean, moisturize and revitalize. The wonderful facial massage that accompanies every step of this treatment will soothe nerve endings and leave you with glowing, vibrant and summer ready skin! The benefits of a facial and scalp massage together include boosted circulation and texture, a reduction in fine lines and wrinkles, and decreased stress levels.


Beautiful & Healthy.

Beauty and health start from the inside. Make sure to stay healthy you are working out regularly and eating healthy. Keep in mind that working out and your diet will have a huge impact on how you feel and look. Start incorporating much more  nutrient rich, fresh fruits and vegetables as well as plenty of water to flush out your system and boost your metabolism. At the end of the day do what makes you happiest, and treat yourself to massages and facials every so often, you deserve it!


Gwen Lewis is a writer who lives in California. She has been working in the makeup and fashion world for quite some time and loves to share her tips and tricks from experience. When she is stressed she loves to find new places to get massages and try out different techniques.

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