Meditation in Southampton

Give yourself some valuable me time on a Monday evening.

Weekly Meditation Classes are on a Monday evening at 7:30pm
Join us for an hour of meditation and breathwork in a small group in a lovely room with gentle lighting at the YOUNITY Yoga Studio Southampton (upstairs from YOU Massage)
Feel more inner peace and calm, feel the benefits of a regular meditation practice:
????reduce stress and anxiety
????improve sleep quality
????become more resilient
????feel more connected to your heart and soul
????feel more inner peace and calm
????raise your vibration
????live in more awareness
????improved mindset to grow and feel happiness from your heart
These classes with Lisa of Sollissima share a brief introduction in the benefits of meditation and then guided meditations. A basic relaxation meditation to start to help get the body and mind relaxed and then a guided meditation with a mantra.

Ongoing Classes every week on Monday to build on mindfulness exercises to focus the meditation and have a stronger impact on mindset and healing.
Meditation has many benefits:
✨ Helps you focus
✨ reduces stress
✨ we can not always control our circumstances but we can control our reactions – a regular meditation practice helps us to react in a calmer way. We can be less defensive and approach situations differently.
✨ We can cope with a lot more than we realise – meditation can help us manage a stressful situation – we start to see the solutions not the problems and it feels less overwhelming
✨ Helps us feel more calm
✨ Helps with sleep
✨ Helps with letting go and healing
✨ Notice the world around us more, getting out of our stress/ grey cloud that we can be in
✨ Opens our eyes to what is around us
✨ We become more resilient
✨ Connect to our true self, learn how your mind works, how and why you react in a certain way, your thought patterns and patterns of behaviour
✨ Helps us to let go of negative thoughts and emotions.
✨Reduces anxiety
✨Improves memory and concentration
✨ Meditation and using mind over matter can help us cope with pain, emotionally and physically
✨Increased compassion, kindness and empathy
✨When we meditate regularly and the body and mind are more relaxed – the parasympathetic nervous system is stimulated, which reduces or even prevents the amount of the stress releasing hormones – cortisol and epinephrine which can negatively affect the body causing problems such as suppressing the immune system – lowering our defences against viruses and bugs, lower energy levels, and an increase in blood pressure. When meditating regularly and body reduces less stress hormones we can look after ourselves, emotionally, physically and psychologically. Mind, body and spirit are in tune.

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