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We are open for Massage! But there are some changes…

We are so excited to be able to offer our effective and perfectly tailored brand of Massage Therapy to YOU again from 20th July 2020!

Not all of our therapists will be returning right away, sadly, due to the nature of the changes effecting us all.

But we have a broad range of experts ready to help YOU feel more YOU again! Space is more limited and we have a new intake procedure for you to follow please….


Studio Space

After a period of closure of 3 months, we are following the latest government guidelines and developing a new, safer, simpler way to practice amidst the new stricter rules that we have top have in place for everybody’s safety and reassurance.

We are so confident in our new protocol, which has been lovingly developed by the whole team but aware that things may change and develop as we practice.

We are aware we are going to have to to periodically review the info as it comes about, and we welcome YOUR feedback on our processes too, as we invite you to Book your Massage online here > or call us today on 02380639747 as our reception will now be open again daily!

We will only be operating from the 4 treatment rooms with windows, as well as operating 2 separate waiting and reception areas, one in the basement and one on the ground floor, so please follow the guidelines of the team on booking to instruct you which entrance to use.

We will be emailing you prior to your treatment so please do assure you check and response to this, otherwise, we may need to cancel your booking.

Our team have prepped the studio space so there is no clutter of any sorts, this does mean it may feel a little bare and spacious, please let this remind you to keep your distance, 2m, from all other people ion the building and wear a mask in communal areas at all times, touching as little as possible and catching any sneezes or coughs in your elbow or a tissue, even with a mask on, then washing your hands immediately, and generally, not touching your face, or any other surfaces, and practicing good hygiene, as is now the norm.

Just the ground floor bathroom is open for clients and this has disposable hand towels and foot pedal bins

Treatment Changes

To balance the changes in our business, we have had to make a few radical simplification steps with our treatment duration and pricing

All Massage will now be priced at £40 for up to 45 minutes * we will not be offering any variation of this service as we are required to stagger appointment times

Osteopathy, Acupuncture and Physiotherapy is available at £45 for up to 40 minutes *

We also require a £2 donation per person towards the cost of PPE

No concessions are available any more. You are welcome to ave any reward card freebies for a time post COVID-19 when we can review our circumstances again. We will not be signing off any reward

New Client Consultations will not be charged, an email form will be sent to you for completion prior to your booking

Find the New Client Consultation Form here >

* therapists may need to finish up 5 min or so early to fit in essential cleaning, which we are allowing 15 minutes for between clients, but this may impact on your treatment time whilst we get used to the new methods. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

We will not be offering any treatments that require additional equipment for now: Hot Stones, Bamboo, Pedicures etc, nor we will be allowing any treatment in the facial or head area, so no facials or Indian Head Massage

We are recommending all our clients book for either Deep Tissue Massage (for pain) or Holistic Massage (for balance)

Reflexology also comes highly recommended as there is no contact with the body, only the feet.

If you have previously suffered from COVID-19, we are recommending you do not have deep tissue at this time, due to the lack of understanding at present around potential issues with blood clotting.

Please read this article if you have suffered from COVID-19 to understand why we are not advised to offer Deep Tissue to you at this time >

Remain Protected

Once you have entered the treatment room, please keep your mask on, the therapist will be wearing a mask and visor, you can discuss the use of gloves and masks during the treatment, as, as long as the visor is worn, the government has declared this adequate protection

BUT we strongly recommend you practice wearing as much PPE as possible, it’s not that bad having a massage in a mask, and the gloves don’t feel too bad either, but our therapists will be talking you through your options and rigorously and cautiously cleaning and changing everything between clients.

Please bring your own water, we will no longer be serving drinks, sorry, we want you to remain hydrated though so please do fill a bottle before you leave, and have a big drink before you put your mask on

You will be pre-screened prior to attendance, and it is vital that you answer all questions as honestly as you can

Please review our client intake procedure and email here >

Which does also involve pre-paying for all appointments either online, or over the phone on 02380639747

Pre-pay here >

We have conducted and in depth Risk Assessment, which you can review here >

If in doubt or you have any questions about anything on offer, please give us a call on 02380 639747

We are excited to welcome you back to our studio soon!

We know you are excited too, our dedicated team will be doing their best to fit you in for your treatment as soon as we can, thank you for being patient and kind whilst we adjust!

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