Time to Indulge! Effective yet Luxurious Massage! BOGOF February 2013!


There are a number of Luxury Massages on offer at YOU Massage therapy, the warming and soothing Hot Stones, the uplifting Organic Facial, the  focused Full Works, the stress-busting Top-To-Toe Deluxe, and the ultimate ‘MOT’ Detox Deluxe Experience.  Seeing as they’re on special this month, I thought I’d go through them and give you the heads up on what they are and how they work.


So, the treatments:


Hot Stones Massage

Hot Stones
Hot Stone Massage

This massage is done using basalt stones (a volcanic rock that retains heat well).  The stones are heated in a water-bath for at least an hour before your massage, bringing them to the perfect temperature.  A combination of hot-oil massage and massage using the stones themselves is then done for your treatment time.  The use of hot stones in a massage stroke allows the heat to penetrate areas of tension without the need for Deep Tissue or Remedial techniques – so you get the benefit of muscular tension being removed, without the discomfort of deeper techniques.  In fact, the heat from the stones actually goes deeper into your tissues than traditional massage – affecting a depth up to six inches!  Read more from one of our previous Blog Posts!

This is a fantastic massage for February – you’ve survived Christmas and things are finally settling down, and you might just be able to relax!  It’s also the time of year when you start to feel like you’ve been cold for far too long… Perhaps it’s time to feel warm again!


Organic Holistic Facial

Organic Facial

It’s nice to be able to use Organic products and everyone wants to use Natural products without parabens or ethanol’s or other things that are now known to be nasty… but what does “Natural” mean if you cannot decipher the ingredients list on the label?  How do you know that you’re doing right by your skin if you don’t know what’s going on it?  Well, come and have a look at our products.  Locally made using organic ingredients, and with labels that make sense!  Oh, and did I mention that they work?  With so many therapists working here we’ve had a collection of skin types to try them out on, and from sensitive eyes to problem foreheads we’ve all been very happy.  We have a number of testers available for you to sample and see what you think, but the best way to check them out properly is most definitely by having a 1 hr Holistic Facial tailored to your needs.  The facial will include a deep cleanse, scrub, steam, masque (with your choice of scalp or hand massage), oil facial massage, tone, and moisturize  finishing with eye and lip balm, and we can even do some blackhead removal if you need it.  You’ll sample all of the products that might be useful to you, prescribed by a qualified therapist to suit your needs, and done with facial massage and steam treatments that will uplift your skin further and let you leave feeling relaxed, rejuvenated, and radiant. Take a little luxury home from our Holistic Home Facial Care Collection!

This is the treatment to have if you are tired of looking tired, ready to banish blemishes, keen for some time out, and enthusiastic for a pick-me-up.  A great treatment to have before a weekend away or picnic in the sunshine – you’ll be as radiant as your surrounds!


The Full Works

This is where the combinations begin.  This luxurious treatment involves a Mini Holistic Facial, a Reflexology-Style Foot Massage, and our famous Holistic Back Massage – it’s the treatment you need where you need it!  The Mini Facial includes cleanse, tone, and moisturize using the same organic products discussed above in the section on the Organic Holistic Facial; rejuvenating and reviving you.  The Reflexology-Style Foot Massage focuses attention to the ends of your nerves, bringing your mind’s awareness to areas of the body that could use the attention and helping you to heal and relax.  The Holistic Back Massage is our most popular treatment – a combination of every technique the therapist has at their disposal tailored to the areas you need each one in an effort  to relieve tension, remove stress, banish fluid retention, and balance energy.

This is the treatment to have if January has left you tired and feeling like you just didn’t have time to look after yourself while you took care of everything else!  Work where you need it most to remind your body that you do care about yourself too!


The Top-To-Toe Deluxe

Reflexology Foot Massage

Another combination treatment, and similar to The Full Works, but this one goes for ninety minutes instead of an hour: a Mini Holistic Facial, a Reflexology-Style Foot Massage, and a Full Body Holistic Massage.  If it isn’t just your back that’s feeling tired or you just feel like you need uplifting all over, this is the treatment for you!  The Mini Holistic facial will rejuvenate and revive your skin, the Reflexology-Style Foot Massage to draw your body’s internal attentions to where they’re needed most, and the Full Body holistic Massage will help you unwind, untie, and relax – bringing you back from stress and tension and helping you feel like you again!

This is the treatment to have if you feel like you could use a “grease and oil change” on yourself!  If you’ve survived the holidays, but are feeling run down and run around now that work and school and exams are back – this is the treatment for you!


The Detox Deluxe Experience


Our longest and most indulgent treatment!  A Full Organic Holistic Facial, a Reflexology-Style Foot Massage, and a Full Body Holistic Massage with a focus on Lymph Drainage Massage Techniques for 2hrs of remedy, rejuvenation, and relaxation.  By far our longest treatment, this is the ultimate experience to ensure gentle care and attention to detoxify and rejuvenate your body.  The focus on Lymph Drainage Massage Techniques will increase your body’s drainage and nutrient systems, speeding healing and removing cellular wastes.  The Full Organic Holistic Facial to balance your skin, the Reflexology-Style Foot Massage to balance your focus and healing, and a Full Body Holistic Massage with a focus on Lymph Drainage Massage Techniques to balance you as a whole. Read more from our January Blog Post.

This is a full MOT to make you feel like a new you! Absolutely everything covered and cared for, making you feel like a new person!



Our luxury treatments are on special this month, so if you are tempted to try but not sure, this is the perfect month to let us show you just how good these treatments are!


Buy one get one free on all Luxurious Treatments over 1 hour until the 10th March!

Two people must visit within the same week, subject to availability and the lowest price treatment will be FREE! We’re also extending our Gift Voucher Sale until 14th February! Show your loved ones you care with 10% off of all Gift vouchers, Buy Online saving you up to £11!!! https://www.massage-southampton.co.uk/Massage-Gift-Vouchers.html

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