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massage sportsHaving a Sports massage during the winter is probably more important than it is in the Summer periods. Whatever the season, athletes and office workers should take to the table at least once a month.


During autumn as we approach winter, our bodies become slow and our immune system starts to slow with the temperature, increase of virus’s and colds. Whilst having a massage with a cold or flu won’t be any good for you or your therapist as you wouldn’t want one of us to go down as we then won’t be able to do our job. More importantly having a massage whilst feeling rough will just make you feel better.

Having a sports massage in full good health along with a healthy diet can help reduce muscle aches and pains.  Having a strong immune system during the winter not only fights of infection and keeps us well and healthy it also maintains a strong system for sports players to be able to continue through the rough times of winter that face us. It also helps with any injuries as well as injury prevention.

Having regular sports massage during the winter is probably more vital than it is in the summer as our muscles tend to stiffen up and blood flow doesn’t work as well. When it gets so cold our bodies try to warm us up along with their muscles to prepare for sport. Having a massage during winter period either before and after an event can improve circulation, joint mobility, reduce pain during activity, decrease muscle tension and improve all over general body awareness.  Working on muscle tension and painful areas means the muscles can then recover faster, move at full function and allow good performance in sport.

In addition, having a sports massage during the winter can help with sleeping patterns meaning that the athlete can recover from performance much better allowing muscles, tendons and ligaments to make a full recovery.


So don’t forget to book your massage this winter at least monthly, booking regular massage not only means building up trust with your therapist but ensures maintaining a good pattern with your mental and physical attitude.


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