Introducing Ibrahim – our newest experienced Massage Therapist

You-Massage-LogoHello, my name is Ibrahim, I have been a massage therapist for the past ten years; I greatly enjoy my job and have enjoyed travelling doing what I love. I have a lot of experience working in various spas, clinics, 5 star hotels  and 5 and 6 star cruise ships; so I am more than aware of the luxurious as well as clinical and therapeutic aspect of the profession. I am fully qualified and insured to practice.

I take great pride in my work and love to help others feel better and alleviate pain and stress. I have given over 5,500 massages in my career.  I believe I have strong interpersonal skills, pay close attention to detail, and maintain a helpful, friendly and professional attitude. I have been in the customer service industry for almost ten years with a proven track record of providing excellent quality.

About me!

I have been working in massage industry many years with massage masters school in Egypt. I upgrade my education in England to prove my abilities. I started to explore the world when I worked on cruise ships, five and six stars standard which I have done for the past 3 years. I previously worked at the Grand De Vere, Southampton  in their luxury spa.

I been trained in more than 40 different treatments and body wraps too. My plan is to help YOU Massage bring more luxurious body treatment concepts to Southampton.

I am fully qualified VTCT  Level 3 Swedish massage and diplomas (Hot stones and Indian Head Massage. I am from Egypt (SHARM ELSHIEKH)  where I also qualified in Sports Massage  and Reflexology . I apply my full training to my massages to tailor them uniquely for you.

Treatments I offer:

Deep Tissue Massage

The idea of this treatment is to improve the movement of muscles and soft tissues deep into the posture. I apply a very deep pressure and I am often complimented on how effective my deep tissue massages are.

401304_511901052180070_767227853_nHot stones Massage

This is one of the most beautiful treatments on earth, using stones given to us by the earth. The idea of it is the heat from the basalt stones will help your circulation, boosting your health and relaxing your body, I always recommend Hot Stones to anyone would love to achieve the great experience of all over relaxation in their massage, everyone should try the hot stones!


indian head with borders


Indian Head Massage

Not just the head, but I treat the neck, back and upper body with techniques designed to make you feel less tense and

I am also looking forward to seeing you for Swedish  and Holistic Massage treatments enhanced with mini facials designed to help you relax and will be tailored for you using all of my luxurious training and skills. with less head aches and neck and shoulder pain. Indian Head massage is for anyone who gets high stress or pain in the area, no matter how in frequent, Indian Head massage connects the brain to the body and has on-going health benefits to reduce stress and aid sleep.


In conclusion I am looking forward to seeing you here at You Massage.


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