Hot Stones Massage Information

What is a Hot Stones Massage?

If you would like to know more about Hot Stones Massage, you have come to the right place! Hot Stones Massage is a very specialized holistic treatment that uses smooth stones gently heated in hot water over about an hour. The stones are usually black basalt which is a volcanic rock, due to their thermal properties, they retain heat for a long period of time.

The heat released slowly from the Hot Stones is very relaxing and also helps to release tension in muscles. The stones vary in size and shape and are placed on specific areas of the body, with varying amounts of pressure applied to them. This is said to clear the meridian pathways of the body as well as other spiritual connotations. Despite these more spiritual beliefs, what is known is that the heat and pressure help to loosen the muscles, reducing tension.

Massage oils are used during the Hot Stones Massage as with most other types of treatment. Often Hot Stones will also be used in conjunction with aromatherapy oils for a complete and completely indulgent massage. As well as other oils, different massage techniques can be used with the Hot Stones in order to best help and heal the patient.

In addition to the training required by most other types of massage therapy, Hot Stone Massage also requires quite a bit of equipment. Obviously the rocks are essential and being volcanic they are not common place, certainly in the UK. Heating equipment and protective cases are also required and due to the additional cost of equipment, Hot Stone Massages can cost a little more than a standard treatment.

However the benefits of Hot Stones Massage are immense leaving very few other massage treatments comparable to it. Used together with different techniques and oils and you will find that Hot Stones are a thoroughly unique massage experience. Below we have listed some of the benefits of receiving this kind of treatment.

  • – Promotes deep muscle and tissue relaxation
    – Alleviates stress and tension
    – Releases stored toxins
    – Relieves pain
    – Improves your circulation
    – Calms the mind
  • The following are some health Conditions that can be treated with Hot Stone Massage:
  • – Muscular aches and pains
    – Back pain
    – MS
    – Arthritis
    – Fibromylagia
    – Stress, anxiety, and depression
    – Circulatory problems
    – Insomnia / sleeping problems
    – Depression

If you would like to know more about Hot Stones Massage please click the link. If you would like to book a treatment in our Southampton based massage studio please call us on 02380 639 747.

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