Meet Jimmie one of our Younity studio dedicated Yoga teacher, in Bedford place Southampton

Jimmie is qualified to teach vinyasa, hatha and yin yoga. He enjoys powerful, dynamic hatha flows, and emphasises careful sequencing with breath to create mindful, centred practices.

Jimmie started to see the deeper benefits of yoga during lock down, reevaluating his life and connecting more deeply with what brings him joy. This precipitated big changes for him – he is a qualified doctor, and after a short career in the NHS retrained and taught physics for 7 years, before leaving teaching and studying yoga. “Whilst neither profession afforded me much serenity, I am very grateful for how my teaching experience, paired with medical and anatomical knowledge, inform my yoga practices.

“For me, yoga is much more than the gymnastic exercise of building strength and flexibility through asana. The meditative focus of finding alert stability and relaxed ease in your physical body – in the moment, as well as cultivating humility and acceptance for your own limitations, are powerful transferable tools which can transform the way we approach our lives.

Having studied the yoga sutras of Patanjali, I’ve found that aspiring to adhere to the guiding principles therein expands and deepens the spiritual toolkit developed by asana practice. For me it’s helped create a marked change on my ability to accept life on life’s terms, with gratitude for the lessons, as well as the joys.

I hope to bring some of the gratitude and joy I’ve found to classes”

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A few feedbacks from Jimmie’s students here:

“Hi Jimmy, I just wanted to say thank you for all your yoga sessions & and heart-felt blessings. Your soothing, clear voice and intricate instructions allowed me to follow without sight, forget everybody else in the room and delve into my physical self. Really liked the background stories behind the poses too. Thank you ???? Jane X”

“I did the yoga session with Jimmie on the Sunday too. It was perfect for me! I usually practice alone but it was wonderful to be led and do it with a group. It was challenging and meditative. I could tell he had really thought out the sequences and how they would flow into each other.
Thank you! Sarah”

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