Southampton Osteopath Tim introduces himself

Joining the team at You Massage Therapy, Southampton as an Osteopath.

As a new member of the team at You Massage therapy, I was asked to write a little piece about me, so anyone interested can learn a little bit about who  I am.

Why I became an Osteopath

Tim Young OsteopathFrom a very young age I have received complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) such as osteopathy, acupuncture, chiropractic and homeopathic treatments for various different ailments. It was not until I was a teenager where I was playing sport seriously (rugby and rowing at national level) did I understand how effective these treatments were bringing me back from injury and keeping me playing and training in the sports I loved.

When leaving school the notion of becoming an osteopath had not even entered my head, not being the most academic student (I would always much rather be on a rugby pitch or in a rowing boat, than a classroom) I did not think it was attainable. Not really knowing what I wanted to do, I enrolled on a course at college gaining a BETEC National Diploma in rural studies so I could do what I liked doing best when not playing sport, which was working with animals. Unfortunately as I suffered with hayfever, it made finding employment in this field very hard (excuse the pun) so I fell into a career in construction.

Although I earned a respectable salary and used my trade and skills to travel and work in various countries I just felt I hadn’t fulfilled my full potential as an adult. At the age of 28 I took stock of where my career was going and decided I wanted a change. I had always been inspired by various therapists who had treated me in my younger years and I chose the path to become an Osteopath.

I hasten to add it was a very long one, where I had to retake my maths and English GCSE’s, completed 2 massage courses; Swedish massage and Sports Massage Therapy respectively alongside 2 science foundation courses. Only then did I feel ready to take on a 5 year master’s degree in osteopathy. All this took place whilst I was firstly juggling a full time job in construction going onto  giving up my full time job to work as a sports massage therapist part time alongside my degree, as well commuting up and down to London from my home on the Isle of Wight. Finally I graduated as a “Master of Osteopathy” in August 2015.

I could not have done this without support from my wife, family and friends who have proof read essays, let me practice techniques on them, put me up in their spare rooms and had to humour me in various forms of stress and euphoria. I feel very lucky to have had such great support behind me.

And this support has continued with Amy Bennett and her team at You Massage therapy who have warmly received me and given me the opportunity to start my career as an Osteopath in Southampton.

What I love about Osteopathy?

Osteopath Southampton TimUltimately being able help people with acute or longstanding musculoskeletal problems (new or old aches and pains), was really the main reason why I wanted to become an osteopath.

Also having a comprehensive understanding of the different physiological and pathological processes  of the human body and learning a wide array of techniques which can be used alongside my  knowledge to help and to enhance the bodies own healing mechanisms. This allows me to treat a wide range of people and musculoskeletal conditions tailored to the individual.

In short what I’m trying to say is; I enjoy the expansive range which osteopathy has to offer. Since qualifying as an osteopath I’ve developed a thirst to learn more about the body. I can’t remember who said this quote “ the day you stop learning is the day you stop living”, but for me this really rings true. I intend to forever increase my knowledge working as a Southampton Osteopath will help me greatly as their are so many experts in the field local to Bedford Place.



And the future?

Southampton OsteopathyThe immediate future is to develop as a Southampton Osteopath with the support of You Massage therapy. Once again I’m very lucky, osteopathy offers so many different disciplines such as classical, cranial, pediatric, pre/post natal, equine and canine osteopathy.

I hope to develop towards the classical route, it’s a way of treating that has stood the test of time and I have found a natural affinity and ability with. It’s a very hands on and holistic way to treat and I feel the combination of modern knowledge of anatomy and physiology using one of  the most traditional techniques of osteopathy is a perfect blend between old and new.

And who knows the future I could even start working with animals again….

So I hope Sammy, my dog doesn’t mind me practicing!

Tim  Young, M Ost

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